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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

One of the people in my Blogroll is Jonathan Maus's Just Riding Along. He often writes about the marketing value of blogs for bicycle industry websites -- whether the websites are for bicycle shops or bicycle manufacturers.

If you've followed his advice and started a blog, you want to be sure you do it right to maximize the benefit of the time you put into creating your blog, especially as the blogosphere gets more crowded. One resource I found that's especially useful to Blogger blogs is Freshblog, a collection of hacks, tricks, and blogging tips.

I don't recommend using all of Freshblog's tricks -- doing so is a bit overboard -- but there's plenty of advice in there to help your blog rank well. Content is king in the blogosphere just as in the rest of the web, but Freshblog's tips will help people and search engines find your content.

The observant reader will note that Freshblog mentions Cycle-licious, but this post isn't mere reciprocation. Freshblog has been in my blogroll for a while and I've implemented a few of Freshblog's tricks.

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Yes, there certainly does seem to be some good information available there. SEO is one field where the sharing of tips and ideas is crucial to the development of strategy.
will have to check that out...

I want my BLOG to be more STREAMLINE
not sure how
but I know people can truncate their stories and end with a "read more" tag
that is something I want to add so that my long rants are not in the way of my links and shorter stories
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