Biking bank bandit in Boulder

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Saturday, September 10, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Bike Bank Robber

The helmeted bike bandit is back! Ten days after a similar crime in nearby Longmont, a man wearing a Bell black bike helmet robbed Colorado Business Bank Friday afternoon in Boulder. The description of the robber in both cases is a guy about my height, build and hair color wearing a dark bike helmet, pink polo shirt, and light-colored cargo shorts. I think messenger bags suck, though, so the robber can't possibly be me. I also haven't owned any pink polo shirts since the mid-80s.

The top image is from the Longmont robbery on August 30; the bottom image is from yesterday's robbery in Boulder.

Remember, for safety always wear bright colors and a bike helmet when robbing banks.

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I have no respect for this scumbag. No Giro helmet, no Oakleys, no Pearl Izumi shorts. Bastid couldn't even bother to spring for a Nasbar jersey.

And he calls himself a bicycle bandit. He's a bandit alrighty...
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