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Saturday, October 01, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

The New Bern, South Caroline North Carolina Sun Journal reports that bike lanes in South Carolina often aren't built because of tight budgets. More interesting, however, is the detail that South Carolina is criss crossed with rural roads that are designated as "bicycle routes." These routes were created during the 70s bike boom and haven't been updated. Since then, population growth has transformed these once idyllic, peaceful, winding country lanes into crowded commute routes.

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I happen to live in New Bern and I didn't know it was in South Carolina!
Granted, I studied literature in college so I could be wrong when it comes to geography, but I am fairly sure that we in New Bern are located in North Carolina!

The roads in the area are pretty frightening at times. We need to widen the roads around here, at the very least to give less experienced cyclists a safer comfort margin while learning how to ride in traffic.
Oops! I'll correct the mistake -- thanks for pointing it out.
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