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Saturday, October 22, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Big Wheels for Big People
Originally uploaded by richardmasoner.
VeloSwap 2005 in Denver was cool. The best booth was Vitamin Cottage because they literally stuffed my bag with free goodies -- samples of supplements, soy and whey protein powders, Clif Bars, Luna Bars, drink mixes and the list goes on.

Larabar (I LOVE Larabar) was there too handing out samples. Yes, I was hungry, but don't let that indicate that my biases were directed to food in any way.

The usual gang of people with junk to sell were there. I said hello to the nice people from Bicycle Colorado and ran into a couple of people I know from Longmont and Boulder.

In addition to the usual bike and bike-stuff vendors (Giant, Performance, Moot, Axis, Cateye, etc), the unusual were also present. The photo here shows Captain Obvious and his team from Big Wheel Rally in Lakewood Colorado. They take children's toys -- Big Wheels and Green Machines and the like -- and chop and extend them for an adult fit.

Another unusual product was the "WRFF iT" -- a three wheeled pedalcycle with no saddle. You always stand on the pedals.

My son (age 10) was looking at the $4000 CF road bikes and $5000 mountain and freeride bikes. He started with one of the vendors trying to talk him down in price. The vendor began to crack up laughing and told my son to come back in ten years to work for him as a salesman.

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