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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Google is in the midst of a major update of their indexes that search-engine professionals are calling "Update Jagger." PageRank is Google's measure of a web page's value or worth. The inaugural or initial PageRank for Cycle-licious is PR5, which is fantastic for a brand-new website, especially one on a niche topic like bicycles. As far as I know, it's extremely difficult for a site that's less than a year old to rank any higher than a 5.

I see that Jon Maus's new BikePortland website also has an initial PR of 5. Good job!

Thank you to my friends for helping to make this happen. This is a communal thing -- I read every bit of your feedback and I really appreciate the input you provide.

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How do you determine the PR for your site? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks! -John
To see the PageRank of a page, you have to install the Google Toolbar, which shows you the PageRank for each web page you view. The Toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

You can get the toolbar here.

I totally don't know how Cyclelicious rated a 5 -- I expected to see 3, maybe 4 at the most.
Congrats, Cyclelicious.
BTW, where's my bumper sticker?
Biking Bis
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