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Sunday, October 16, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

The NiteIze Lite Ride is a rubber strap designed to mount a mini flashlight to your handlebar, seatpost, or any other tubular thing you want to attach a mini light to. This clever five-dollar doodad probably works in a pinch or to mount a backup light, but no mini flashlight I've seen puts out the light needed to see or be seen on a bike.

Product info from NiteIze.

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Actually one of my backup lights is a mini from Wal-Mart. It's a 3-AAA flashlight with a 1W luxeon emitter. They must be overdriving them because it puts out significantly more light than my Planet Bike SuperSpot which is also a 1W luxeon.

Admittedly neither of those makes me happy if I lose my HID but they'll get me home OK, and either one is better than what most people ride with around here (nothing).

I made my own mount for it which is very similar to that pictured; 5 strong rubber bands.

As you say though, I certainly wouldn't want to try to get home on a typical 2-AA mini flashlight; IMHO those are horrible.
I'm not an expert on mini-flashlights so that's what I had in mind was those cheap dim keychain jobs. I didn't know there are some that are halfway bright! Thanks for comments.
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