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Thursday, October 06, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Cycling Dude has been running a series where he finds blogs unrelated to bikes that mention cycling. Here's my contribution of finds.

Lori writes about the song dedicated to her bike. You've guessed it: Queen's "Bicycle Race." I like Ghoti Hooks "My Bike" a lot better, I think.

A bunch of non-bike riders are snickering over Quack Goldstein's latest bit of fear-mongering that bike riding might cause impotency. Plenty of pro-bike bloggers are also reporting on this faux-news.

Mylescorcoran wrote about a a touchingly romantic scene that he witnessed involving a guy in jeans, a barefoot woman "in a debs gown," and a bicycle.

Several people are about repeating the news about skyrocketing bike sales. This day trader wants to know how to make money out of the growing bike market.

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As a blogger, I blog about everything important to me... which includes bikes! Here's my contribution to the list:

The correct way to paint a bicycle frame

Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet

Streetfighter Single Speed

Make that this "daytrader/cyclist"... I've been riding since I was a kid and still ride a few times a week. :-)

(Trader) Mike
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