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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Cycling Dude's post encouraging us to bring ID when we ride reminds me of this local story in which a bicycle rider remains unidentified two weeks after his death from head trauma inflicted by an aluminum baseball bat. None of the articles I've seen indicate if the man was wearing a helmet or not.

When you ride your bike, carry some identification. On road rides, I always slip my driver's license and a credit card into my jersey pocket. I also wear a helmet but I don't know how effective they are against metal baseball bats.

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Who are these people who ride without ID? Am I the only male road cyclist in America who just carries his freakin' wallet? I put it in a ziplock bag in my jersey pocket. Unless your wallet is of Costanza-esque proportions, what is the big deal?
while i have to agree, if i was "carrying rope, a toy gun and a knife to pull off a late-night home-invasion robbery" maybe i wouldn't have thought id would have been a good thing to take with.
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