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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Rides in the City banner

This is Christina Gordon, the Residential Marketing Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners where she promotes non-SOV transit. According to Arlington County Commuter Services, “Rides in the City was born from a desire to spice up an otherwise dry subject matter and to give public transportation a younger, hipper face.” Christina rides the bus and rides the bike trails to get around the D.C. Metro area.

The website entices us to "take a ride in the hip, fashionable world of urban transportation. With woman-on-the-street columns, real-life transit advice, and fun links and extras for the commuter in everyone, we're your home for the latest transit trends."

Urban planner Rich Layman writes about the new "Rides in the City" website from a braniac public-relations perspective. I haven't decided yet if this is clever or pitiful, but I'm a nerd. What do you think? Will commuters be attracted to the "Sex and the City" ripoff? What about the women's advice column spin? Will guys just see those great cyclist legs and go "ooh gah"?

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