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Sunday, November 06, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

I'm biking in and around Austin, Texas this weekend. Some quick observations.

Today, I rode 15 miles on Lamar Blvd from Barton Springs Road to Parmer Lane. To be absolutely honest, I didn't like this road at all. It's safely rideable but it's not fun or even pleasant. I'm going to find another route between my hotel north of town and the Austin Convention Center.

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Minds are empty, heads are hollow.
You might find out the truth is hard to swallow.
There´s a place down there, where heads are square.
Laws are tough and you are bare.
There is a law and there is a lawman.
Who is the right, and who is the wrong man.
It doesn't take much to kill a guy.
Don´t get in my face and ask me why...
Texas is the place...

- from "Beers, Steers and Queers" by Revolting Cocks
I'm surprised you didn't see more street-riding Austinites. It's a big bike town, but maybe moreso a weekend warrior bike town and not so much a daily commuter bike town.
Dude, that's about the worst road in the city to ride on - only sidewalk riders would tackle it. You were much better off with Shoal Creek. If you're looking for a similar alternative route further east (i.e. closer to Lamar), try Woodrow, Grover, or Guadalupe (2-lane part north of 45th). Or heck, just use the city's bike map at
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