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Friday, November 11, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Secret fact: Boku-wa nihonjin desu. Partly, anyway.

I ran across a bicycle blog with the coolest name: HONK de BONK. My Nihongo is very rusty, but HONK de BONK covers professional bicycle road racing with '06 TdF speculations and similar stories -- you know, the same stuff you can read in English at Cycloblog and Velochimp. The blogger also likes to blog about cookies that he thinks are tasty.

Kumataro-san, if you follow the trackback here, please let us amerikajin know where you got the name HONK de BONK.

I'm just mentioning HONK de BONK because it's such a cool blog name. That, and it's a slow evening at Cyclelicious Central.

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Hello, Fritz. I am kumataro.
Thank you for reading my blog.
My English is poor. I hope my English is clear enough.

My blog name "Honk de BONK" is my original. I think this is not grammatical English, though... But I learned from "A-Z of Le Tour" of BBC.


Cycling language is unfamiliar vocabulary in Japan, probably in USA too?
Incidentally, "Honking" is "dancing", "Bonk" is "hunger knock" in Japanese. The pronunciation is same to English.
Kumatoro, anata-no eigo-wa "excellent" desu! HONK de BONK -- the name is very good and the explanation is perfect. Gambate ne!
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