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Saturday, November 05, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

The police blotter in today's paper said to be on the lookout for a guy "out after dark wearing black clothing, carrying a backpack and riding a bicycle" because of "nine motor vehicle-related crimes ... including vandalism, break-ins and motor vehicle theft."

That profile fits me during my evening commute home, except for that part about "vehicle-related crimes." The crimes are occurring right on my commute route.

Maybe I need this Puma X Vexed Cycling Jacket shown here. The jacket, with its reflective piping, waterproof and windproof material and shape, and face mask/hood, is ideal for the stealth urban rider. The masked hood features replaceable air filters while concealing the rider's identity.

Jacket info via Go Clipless.

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I never figured you for a criminal, a Bolshevik maybe, but not a criminal. All cyclists are Bolsheviks because they've turned their backs on our consumer-oriented economy. I mean, how is American gonna remain strong if people don't go out and buy new cars every couple of years? How are the multi-national oil companies going to make ends meet if a bunch of sweaty cyclists won't buy boatloads of gasoline? No, instead, they spend their cash on effete imported pasta, enriching the Italians! Hey! Italy had it's shot at world domination under the Romans, and after a couple of centuries, they muffed it. It's OUR turn now!

(I've had WAAAAY too much caffeine today!)
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