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Friday, November 25, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Deborah Davis of Denver was commuting to work on a Denver RTD bus last September. She was minding her own business when a security guard boarded the bus and asked identification from all passengers on this public conveyance. Deborah refused, was arrested and will probably be charged with federal misdemeanor crimes.

After reading the facts of the case I think you'll agree that the law in this instance has gone absolutely overboard. The ID check serves zero security purpose, and the demand for "papers" restricts the rights of Americans to travel freely in their own country. Twenty years ago we used to vilify the commies because official permission was required to travel between cities. Today, Ms. Davis can't even get to work in her own city without the appropriate ID.

What really ticks me off about this is that most people don't care and cannot understand why Davis didn't just present her identification. It's an erosion of civil liberties that we're seeing here, where my children won't think it any big deal that a person in uniform can demand ID at any time for any reason. The next step is travel restrictions -- if the "authorities" don't like the church I attend, the friends I see, or the charity bike ride I'm headed to, it's just tough luck for me if they detain me for 20 minutes while they check out my paperwork.

Freedom to travel, friends, is a basic American right that is worth defending.

Update: Be sure to read CycleDog's opinion on this issue.

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I was pretty shocked when I first saw this on BoingBoing. One more step toward a police state...
I was a little dubious about it at first, too, until I followed the link to the ACLU site. Their lawyers are assisting her case.

If this stands, anyone, anywhere can be stopped for a document check. It's a form of internal passport. If you can't identify youself to an officer's satisfaction, you can't travel, even on foot.

The next step in NYC will be ID checks for all those uppity Critical Mass riders. They just could be terrorists, ya know!

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