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Thursday, November 03, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

I rode the 10 miles from Boulder to Longmont along the Diagonal Highway today in just 18 minutes. That's an average speed of over 33 mph!

I guess I should mention the 20 mph tailwinds gusting to 40 mph (32 km/h to 64 km/h) . I rode the road bike but wore normal casual office clothes -- long pants with the right leg clipped and a polo shirt. I passed a guy in full road kit going 45 mph. Hahahaha. He was probably on the tail end of a 50 mile ride or something, while I was only going 15 miles at the most; oh well.

Going into Boulder into the wind took about the same amount of time, but that's because I took the bus.

Wind also means tumbleweeds in Colorado. Fortunately, I only had to dodge little baby tumbleweeds. Where Iris, Foothills, and 119 all come together in Boulder I hit some construction debris and flatted. Finding a hole by listening for the hissss is exceedingly difficult when the wind is howling. Be sure to carry a spare tube if you anticipate wind, because you won't find the hole to patch.

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I use a pool or puddle of water to find the hole. If you're really patient, you can even use your water bottle (as long as you don't want to drink the water until you get somewhere that you can replace it).

But I just carry a spare tube nowadays.
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