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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

Okay, gents, what do you do to keep the boys from freezing solid in the cold? I've been doing year-round cycling for a couple of decades but I don't recall having this problem in the past.

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Well, smartwool socks and a bootie is about all I can recommend. But to be honest with you - I still freeze my toes off, especially during long, cold (freezing temps) rides with wind. But then again - who said cycling is suppose to be comfortable all the time? I think most "serious" cyclists like to put themselves in painful situations from time to time. :)

It was 15*F on the ride home today, and it seems my boys head north for the winter, and don't really have much trouble. When it got truly cold last winter (< 0*F) I used a few strategically placed pieces cut from an old fleece blanket that the puppy chewed up. One goes over my chest and stomach.
Hehehehehe... I'm laughing over my own "stupidity". My excuse is, of course, that English is not my first language. And I'm sticking to it! :) Never had a problem with the boys freezing, regardless of temperature. Must be that hot, Norwegian blood running through my veins.

Ah-ha! So that's why you're not into winter cycling this year. Having no use for a third sock, I have no experiences to share about that problem.
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