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Friday, December 16, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

I revealed last month that I'm working on a bike video project and gave some tips on good and bad videos. My video will involve fixed gear bikes and chicken wings. Animals will, unfortunately, be harmed in the production of this video but it's all in the name of good entertainment science.

Unfortunately, my production has been delayed by technical glitches. The worst glitch is that I don't actually own a video camera, and my friends from whom I normally borrow a camera won't do it right now for selfish reasons like their children's Christmas plays.

In a wonderful cosmic convergence, however, Fat Cyclist has been investigating the explosive properties of foaming bath soaps. This scientific probing has prompted Racer Jared to further inquire: What happens when you touch a flame to a propane-filled bicycle tube? See the video here.

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Here's an idea - instead of relying on those tiny little propane cylinders to inflate your tubes, why not use a really BIG one? I mean one of the home-barbecue cylinders. You could fill hundreds of tubes, and with a little ingenuity, attach the whole barbecue grill to the rear rack on the bike! Think of it! Pedaling could rotate the rotisserie too. Ride your bike and make dinner AT THE SAME TIME!

Of course, it would give new meaning to the phrase 'crash and burn' and some of your friends just might start calling you Pinto. But there's no more need for any of those cheap-looking flames painted down the side of your bike when you can have REAL ones!

Plus, you'd probably get a lot of space in traffic.

(I've had waaay too much coffee already!....CycleDog)
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