Top 10 New Years resolutions

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

The Top Ten New Years resolutions are to spend more time with family, get fit, lose fat, enjoy life, quit drinking, get out of debt, learn something new, help others, and get organized. Most Americans will fail to keep their resolutions. You have good intentions, but you don't have the tools to help you pursue your goals. Believe it or not, bicycling can help with just about every one of these resolutions.
1. Spend more time with family. Ride a bike with them, instead of being trapped in a car in traffic. Bicycling is a perfect family activity. Ride to a nearby park or shop. Ride with your child to or from school.
2. Get fit. Ride a bike!
3. Lose the fat. Ride a bike!
4 & 6. Quit smoking / drinking / drugs. Drug use is incredibly difficult to quit and this hasn't worked for everybody, but I know cyclists who used to be regular drug users. Their desire to get better on the bike provided sufficient motivation for them to quit. Cycling also can be a substitute for the obsessive behavior that some people need in their lives.
5. Enjoy life. Ride a bike! Several bike commuters I know do it to stay sane on the job.
7. Get out of debt. Save money by commuting by bike!
8. Learn something new. Learn bike repair, or new bike routes or learn to blog.
9. Help others. Bike charity rides!
10. Get organized. Can't help you there.
What are your bike-related resolutions? If you don't ride a bike, how can cycling help you fulfil your New Year Resolutions? Leave your comments below. See related: , ,

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so much was good last year
some of what was bad was somewhat out of my control
2005 had two trips to the Emergency Room for me
those injuries would have been best avoided
over a lifetime of cycling
a few minor injuries are to be expected
sure... there are those that never get much more than a scratch
but I am not one of these lucky ones...

and you

I will try not to get injured
if I do get injured
I will try to stay positive
My bike resolutions will be:
1. Ride EVERY Sunday and hopefully every Saturday.
2. When the sun starts going down later, and it's actually light out past 7pm, to ride until the sun goes down every day.

Hopefully, by doing this, I will succeed in losing those extra 30 lbs. and have fun while doing it!

Other cycling resolutions include meeting more bikers and going on more group rides.
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