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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
By Yokota Fritz

If you haven't discovered her yet, you should check out Jill in Alaska. Jill moved to Alaska last September to work at the Homer (AK) Tribune, where she is the arts and entertainment reporter, production editor and webmistress. Because she's the webmistress, that means Jill can get away with blogging during work hours.

Professional writers like Jill probably cringe while reading Cyclelicious. My writing is full of typos, basic punctuation errors, cliches and elementary writing no-no's like liberal use of passive voice. Jill's writing is (there's that passive voice) like a fresh Alaskan breeze (simile is good, but not cliches). Her photographs of Alaskan biking are wonderful (passive voice again!).

Jill is currently training for the Susitna 100 a 100 mile endurance race in the Alaskan winter. She is seeking sponsorship from the blogosphere for this ride and pledges to ride a mile for each dollar given.

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her blog is well worth following
so is another Alaskan favorite
Bicycles and Icicles

I too have many spelling and gramatical errors
my images lack touch ups, adjustments of the levels, and proper balance
I know it is up there
glanced at best
not a glossy mag

there is only a little time between tasks at work to blog
then at night
there is not always the energy
there is always the compulsion to blog just the same
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