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Monday, January 02, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

A couple of months ago I had a flash of stupidity and decided to make a big contest of Best Bike Blogs of 2005. You all posted dozens of excellent nominations. I've been strugging ever since to create categories and pick the best.

Bike blogs, however, defy categorization, and it's hard to pick a "best" because they're all so good. Plus, any kind of voting would just be gratuitious linkbait.

I point you, then to see all of the nominees that you selected. There's not a bad selection in there. Tim Grahl also selected his favorites at Blue Collar MTB.

Now that I've written all that, one blog that really stands out is Jonathan Maus' BikePortland blog. It's become a true community site for cyclists in the Portland area. According to Jonathan, BikePortland has had 143,037 pageviews and 56,611 visitors since August 1, 2005.

The blog to watch in 2006 is the Kool Aid Krew and their Bicycle Marketing Watch. Gasoline is projected to surpass $3 per gallon this spring and stay there and bicycles will be huge. It will be interesting to see how the bicycling industry responds to the opportunities and challenges this year.

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Gee, I kind of wish we had launched the new site earlier rather than having the main launch on Jan. 1st! Oh well, maybe 2006 will be the year of The Steeps?

Oh, who am I kidding, I just hope we're half as good as everyone else.

Good luck in 2006. May it bring everyone much success, joy, and happiness, and many, many fun rides!
Man, thanks for the kind words. I had forgotten about this poll of yours, but had planned to nominate a few folks too- Jonathan at BikePortland and JRA (still relevant now), all of Tim Grahl's Crooked Cog sites, this site (no really), Smithers Minneapolis, Jeff Kerkove, the list just keeps going and going.

It's an honor to be nominated, both for Masiguy and Shut and Drink the Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid thing is so new, I'm especially thrilled that it has been so successful so quickly.

Thanks again.

Tim Jackson- Masiguy & Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser
You are absolutely right, Jonathan's BikePortland site is fabulous! He's got great information for everyone there.
And you mentioned the Krew! Wow! As our fearless leader, Tim, said we certainly appreciate it and hope we live up to the accolades. We'll all try our best, that's for sure!
Hey Fritz, Tim, and Donna...thanks for the kind words. Geez, I feel like we're co-workers and the comments of blogs are like our water cooler. ;-).

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