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Thursday, January 26, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Graham writes about his problems with the facilities manager at his work place. She says she won't let him bring his bike inside the building because it's a "fire hazard." I've always just brought the bike in rather than ask for permission.

The facilities manager at my work place is uber cool and accomodating. He's designated an actual office to be our bicycle garage. We park our bikes there along with spare parts, lube, and tools.
Photo info: Bicycle storage by richardmasoner.

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My officemate Tim and I got yelled at by some totally random dude for bringing our bikes in the building once. (our chemistry building at the university) He yelled "hey! if DPS catches bringing bikes into the building they can impound them!" I wonder what happens to impounded bikes?

p.s. we definitely still bring our bikes in the building.
I have never had any problem keeping a bike in my office. In fact, I have never heard anything but positive comments from clients and visitors. It seems that riding a bike to work is something that a lot of people like in theory, but few want to actually do.
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