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Thursday, January 05, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

The B5 Challenge: Lose weight, improve your time trial time, and win money. Al Maviva & Company are having a friendly competition to see who can improve the most by June 1. If you need some motivation to lose weight and get better, this looks like a nice way to do it.

I don't need to lose weight personally -- I'm 40 years old, 5'9" and my winter weight is 155 pounds. I'll drop down to 145 over the summer which is plenty skinny, I think.

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Great blog.I hope everything goes well for you and wish you much success.
I'm so signing up for this.... definitely blogged on The Steeps (with credit to cyclelicious, of course..

Oh, and by the way, the comment by "susan.s" may be spam...
That ideal-weight blog definitely is spammy, though it's done so poorly that there's no way the owner could be getting any traffic or benefit from it. I was giving the author the benefit of the doubt and was going to contact her (or him) to find out what's up.

I hate spammers, but I'm also a nice guy.
Thanks for the linky-love. Our B5 challenge started out as a bet between Fat Cyclist's Brother-in-Law Rocky and me, and it so interested a number of our readers, we decided to open it up to anybody who wants to join - up to 25 folks. It requires an entrant to set a reasonably challenging weight loss goal - for instance 187 pound Rocky wants to lose 20 pounds - and grades them on the percentage of the goal achieved. There is also a 3 mile time trial component - the percentage of improvement between now and June 1 gives the "TT" score. Somebody achieving 75% of their weight loss goal (in Rocky's case 15 pounds) and a 10% TT improvement would score 85. Pretty simple, no? It allows big framed fat folks like me to compete with smaller framed flabby folks like Rocky, we think, on more or less of an even footing. We'll see. The important thing is we all get healthier and fitter and faster, and have fun along the way.
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