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Sunday, January 08, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Update 5/17/2006: Texas Attorney General lawsuit, restraining order, and asset freeze against Bio Performance.

I've just read a press release making claims about a miracle gas mileage pill. I'm directed to a website telling me I can become a millionaire by selling this pill, with photos of sports cars, huge vacation mansions, private island beaches, and fabulous babes. Next to pictures of handsome men in white coats is this text:
The gas pills have the property of modifying the fuel's molecular structure and liberating the energy contained within. This is achieved by Brownian motion which consists on the molecular movement of the components of the polymeric chains contained in hydrocarbons.

Because the gas pills are a catalyst, they are capable of speeding or retarding a chemical reaction, without breaking down or changing the chemical reaction and producing a transformation which modifies the molecules. The result is the liberation of the total energy contained within.
They go on with more pseudo-scientific hocus pocus about "modifying the physical state of these fuels" and play a shell game about "ASTM D92-52 and D93," but I can tell you authoritatively that it's all 100% bologna.

Fools and their money. If the press release can be believed, "1,800 people have enrolled to purchase the gas pill to increase gas mileage. At the same time many of them are creating opportunities to increase their income. In its first month of operation well over 500 people have received commission checks totaling over $300,000." Each bottle of 50 pills costs $75.

With gasoline projected to surpass $3 per gallon in the U.S. this spring, I predict a lot more of this kind of fraudulent nonsense in the coming months.

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Will the BioPerformance gas pill have any advantages if I take one and eat a bunch of broccoli?

Inquiring minds want to know!
Are you sure it's not water into gas??

Or, it could be a cup of nice hot tea.
"water into gas" -- it's probably the same pill with new marketing.
So have you tried the Pill.

Or are you ust a Pill yourself!

They all laughed at Edison on the electric light bulb dude....Are you a chemist?

Rock in Rhode Island
Physicist, actually.
Haha, I think anonymous just got owned :-o !!

One of the reps came and spammed on a forum I post to. He offered to send me a free sample but there's no way I'm putting that crap into a car with a clear conscience.
I love it when I here the skeptics say they wouldn't put it in there car. Well I've done so because I had to prove it to my self. My 1994 grand am not only getting an additional 6 city mpg and 5 highway but the cooling system temperature was running about 230 degrees before BPFuel boiling out antifreeze after each trip around town leading me to put antifreeze in every couple of weeks since using BPFuel my temp stays around 180 where it's suppose to be and the engine has never run better. I don't know what it does except WORK!!!!!! I have other people testing it too and so far nothing but praise. I didn't mention my 95 e250 got a 30%increase the first tank can't wait to do emmissions testing on my F350 diesel before using BPFuel. We go through several hundred mi.a day and thats several hundred dollar bills I'm not blowing unnecessarily out my exhaust pipes. I've learned real quick to let you guys think the way you think but some day everybody around you is going to be using BPFuel and you all will have missed out on hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars in fuel savings and all I can say to that is I TOLD YOU SO!!!!I'm looking forward to helping others save on their fuel costs, help preserve for our future generations and help aleviate harmful emmisions creating untold illnesses, and it will be interesting to see who gets the credit for a booming economy the next President or the BioPerformance Fuel pill. wait and see I keep continuous track of my mileage and if I have to I'll come back and grovel but the way I see it this is THE REAL THING.
We are located in South Carolina and just yesterday we drove a 1994 Crown Victoria old police interceptor over 190 miles on just over 6 gallons of fuel... That works out to be around 31-32 MPG... Not to mention that the engine is running better than it ever has... Trust me when I say that we too were and are skeptics but how do you contest results that are reliable over repeated trials... We also have seen a 10% increase in our work van a 1990 G20 Chevy also with improved throttle response... Also in my 1989 2.3 liter mustang I am now on my second tank and will have my results today but I have already seen a drastic improvement in my idling, throttle response, and reduction in operating temperature... And we aren't just some fools... We have rebuilt engines and do not see how an enzyme additive can do any harm... Just food for thought but the more I research this product the harder I am finding it to not believe that it really is the real thing
I can attest to that last comment about the Mustang. I can't say anything about the interceptor and the van, but I've ridden in the Mustang before, and frankly it WAS drving like a POS in a constant state of disrepair. I've never been in a car so audibly expressive. All the little creaks and pings and knocks... However today it road smooth and the RPMs sat comfortably at 1100 while idling and moved fluidly up and down as the manual transmission was shifted. It used to be that that car would jerk as much as a train coming off the tracks whenever it was shifted... Anyway, that's what I saw with my own eyes and felt with my own ass. And unless my friend's a liar, then the there's been a 20% increase in feul economy thus far as well. 30+ miles to the gallon in an 89 Mustang 5.0? It sounds too good to be true. I'm going to try the stuff out. It's the LEAST I can do at this point.
Wow, if this pill is so great why haven't the oil companies tried to buy it out and squelch it like they did the 100mpg carb?? Why isn't AmWay pushing this pill??

Suckers, one born every minute.
I don't know why Big Oil has allowed this cat to get out of the bag but I am willing to put my money where your mouth is... Email me with an address and I will send you a sample of BioPerformance and let you actually test the product before you pass judgement in ignorance... The Past does not always equal the future!!! If you do decide to email please send the size of your vehicle's tank so I can send the correct amount... Also, in the subject line put BioPerformance so I don't throw your message out, mistaking it for SPAM... May peace be with you...
Cut the crap and learn!
This is not new and there are concerns about auto warranties and patend violations and lets not forget it's a reverend with a multi-level marketing company. That he has tried before.
The Manufaturer is in Mexico.
The U.S. version is
Do some home work. There a sucker born every miniute. Is it your time?
I signed up as a rep with Bioperformance. It was the cheapest way to get the product. I figured if it worked it was a "no brainer".

Unfortunately 8 tanks later my milage has dropped from 14 to 12mpg. I have an auto MPG readout on my vehicle. I have tested and retested. It does NOT work for me period! A fool and his money are soon parted.
It melted the gaskets in the fuel pump and ruined the injectors. Don't use this it will cost you lots of $$$'s


I've used BIO-PERFORMANCE FUEL PILLS for over two months now. I drive a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and have seen an increase in my gas milage of 4.8 MPG. My husband drives a Ford F-150 and has seen an increase of 5.7 MPG!!!! that is astounding to me!


We have several friends who also use the product and none of them has one bad thing to say.

Obviously the IDIOT that says that the fuel pills melted the gaskets in the fuel pump and ruined the injectors HAS NOT PROVED that the gas pills were the culprit. Bio-Performance has a WRITTEN WARRANTY THAT STATES THAT IF ANY HARM CAN BE PROVEN TO BE CAUSED BY THEIR THE VEHICLE WILL BE REPAIRED AT THE EXPENSE OF BIO-PERFORMANCE.

This leads me to believe that perhaps the meltdown was the result of the actions of some IDIOTIC BUTTHOLE (very much like my ex-husband - sKIPPER) who put brake fluid in my master cylinder. That was about a $3,000 repair back in the '80's. Wouldn't want to phathom that cost today!!! OUCH!!!


Is your name Skipper?




please mail a certified copy your academic transcripts to me to prove that you are a physicist! It's obvious you know not what you are talking about because if you'd have tried the product you would be touting how great it is!
I have a 1996 GMC 5.7L 4X4 pickup, I tested the BioPerformance gas pills. My gas mileage before the Bio Pill was 11 MPG city. After the 4 pills were added to 16 gallons ( initial shock to system)of gas the result was an increase of 4 MPG and observable increase in power. The truck was then tested on the highway, traveling at 60 mph, up hills and with 2 occupants and obtained 16.5 MPG. Seems to work for me, in the truck and in my 2004 Kia Optima, obtaining an 25.5 city driving when before all I could get was 24 highway. Can't believe my good fortune.
Here is a tested, patent product with a 10 year history.

Under the "Movies" link on the website be sure you watch the video clips, "About EthosFR", "Fox News" and "NBC News"

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, or email me.

Contact information:
Scott Richman (808) 891-2950
Ive just heard about bioperformance, and recieved samples for my vehicle to use and test it but doing mere research on the internet and finding out europe has used it for years until it was now passed by the FDA, id say it works. as to the question about the oil companies, why wouldnt they sell it? Because people would buy less gas with better mileage and so therefore cutting thier CEO's paychecks, so if i were them i wouldnt want it to be out. but too bad it is and people that have actually tried it say it works, with those who havent tried it either make up false breakdowns or say its phony. well say its a phony because im gonna save gas and you are the fool who ends up spending more
UPS FedEx do I need to say more if it worked they would use it
consumer protection has issued a BUYER beware AAA tested it doesn't work
Ethos FR is product that started being distributed 10 years ago by marketing Ethos Fuel Reformulator, which is currently used by the US government as well as being internationally distributed throughout the world. (Distributors on Ethos Product Page) Ethos has recently opened an arm of the company called 4-E Corporation like BioPerformance that has grown strong over the last month to help market the product.

BioPerformance, being it’s main competition, has been around since December 8th '05 and is marketing a similar product. Ethos FR comes in liquid form and costs $20 for a pint (32 oz) which covers 160 gallons. 2 oz. serves 10 gallons of gas and starts working immediately. A $0.93 pill of BioPerformance will serve 7.5 gallons of gas and it will take four full tanks before the product will as advertised. You must also double dose the first two tanks. Ethos FR is patented and has other patent pending products while BioPerforamce is not patented.

Both products offer increased gas efficiency, lowered emissions, and engine renewal. It’s a win/win situation for everyone: The user, the car, and the environment. Not only that, but the gas prices will to decrease as well! offers product info
and is my enrollment site
I’m a Process Engineer from the Midwest (BS from ISU) I do not have any FACTS to add to either side of this argument. I just have some observations.

It seems strange that almost all negative comments are coming from those who have not tried the product. (Exceptions: the "melted gaskets/ruined fuel injectors" anonymous and Randy's reduced mpg) The people who have tried it and can come back with results are the closest arguments to factual arguments, assuming they are telling the truth.

Are we to assume that "whatdorks" knows that UPS and FedEx are NOT using this or an equivalent product? Is he a representative for both companies? I wasn't able to find anything at the Consumer Protection web site. If he wants to throw a comment out like that he should have provided a link. If one is to argue either side with “facts” one should provide the source (or his/her credentials).

As for the question about oil companies, no one asked why they aren't selling it. It was asked why they haven't tried to "buy it out" and then "squelch" it. The answer could be as simple as whom ever they would by it from doesn’t want to sell it to them. Or they are making enough money using the multi level marketing method.

I would be interested in knowing more about the voided Automotive Warranties, if Anonymous of 2/10 could elaborate.

I see new technology all the time where I work. Because of this I’m not willing to dismiss this product so quickly. On the flip side though, I’m not going to start using it without more facts including knowledge of the long-term effects on the vehicle.

We tested the pills on 2 different vehicles. We use the pills and the powder regularly.


**2001 Nissan truck (v-6 engine), we drive around town & husband
drives it to work everyday. This truck INCREASED MILEAGE FROM 15 to
18.5 mpg.

**1988 FordF350, 1 TON Flatbed work truck. Gross vehicle weight is
12,000 pounds. The truck INCREASED MILEAGE FROM 4.5 to 8 mpg and got

WE DID A 2nd TEST IN NEXT FILL UP. Increased from the original 4.5 to 9 MPG. That is a 100% increase in our mileage!
WE COMPLETED A 3rd TEST IN THE NEXT FILL UP, increased another HALF GALLON to 9.5 miles per gallon.

We are now at 9.5 mpg on this ol' beater truck.
>~~~~> Increased from 4.5 to 9.5 mpg.....That is OVER 100% increase!

The Ford truck is used in the recycling business to haul pallets and scrap metal. Some of the loads weigh 2 to 3 tons so you can see this old truck is really getting a work out.

Contact me at for more information.

Are you interested? Email be about a sample!
You said a sucker is born every minute, you’re the sucker. I signed up a month ago, making a ton of money, increased mileage on my vehicles (I have 3 H2's by the way, obviously I am doing something right), just as they say. hmm....just because it is a network marketing company and they put their money into their reps instead of advertising, it is automatically a SCAM. You people are idiots. BioPerformance works!
I will get straight to the point for you reading this: I use Bioperformance, I sell Bioperformance, and I'm making money with Bioperformance. My offer to you: a free custom website - like this one: (you also get a corporate one - like this:; free leads; free advertising materials; free marketing tools; and all the help and support you need to succeed. I have worked in the Oil industry and can answer many questions the skeptics might raise. You can and will prosper with my team. Email me:
I have tried this product and it works great! Was originally getting 18-20 mpg in my Pontiac. After using the pills in 2 tank fulls, I'm now getting between 80-90 mpg. That's an increase of over 60 mpg letting me go 1200 more miles on each tank full. It also has increased my penis and breast size as well as lowered my mortgage payments and improved my cell phone coverage. Get this stuff now before the US government puts a hit out on these huys!
This site has proof it works on emissions and power increase.

There's a link at the bottom where the author did his own testing.
Ahhh is it me or did almost every respone on that board come froma computer kissing the ass of BioPreformance, I've noticed it a lot fo places... Tricky marketing...
The pill does work I put one in my lawn mower and when I went in to get a glass of water and came back out the lawnmower cut the grass all by it self and raked up the trash.I can wait to try it in my boat.
The pill is naphthalene - good old fashioned mothballs. It does not work, and the whole thing is a scam.See Below for more info:
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Because of the recent slanderous remarks by the news media concerning our product, we would like to clear the air once and for all. We protect our product from any false accusations. We will now correct the false accusations concerning our product being made from moth balls, being toxic, hurting vehicles and not giving people any savings.

As you well know, naphthenates, naphthalenes, and other compounds from the same family are derived from hydrocarbons – aromatic substances like camphor, gasoline, petroleum, soft coal, or from the camphor tree. Naphthalenes were obtained from the tree, and then, in more recent times, from soft coal. They are combined with metals, organic components, etc., to obtain a naphthenate. We use organic naphthenates. When a naphthalene is converted into a naphthenate, we change the frequency and together with a dispersant we get a very large surface for the catalyzer to work. Catalyzers work by surface and not by mass. This is why our product is made of naphthenates, not naphthalenes. Naphthalenes are much larger crystals and are not useful for our purpose. Therefore, our product is not mothballs.

Maybe if you use naphthalene, it may work a while, but you need to have a larger surface for it to work as a catalyst. The frequency of the matter allows us to work much better in catalyzing. This transformation makes the crystals we use, when they contact the gasoline, because of the dispersants, disappear and only the molecules stay.

Also, as you can see in our Security Officer’s Material Safety Data Sheet, our product is not toxic. I know if you put a piece of carbon and a diamond under the chromatographer, they both are the same product: carbon. However, we all know, they are not the same. During the 50 years of testing to get our product working by many people, we have never had any trouble with vehicles, as the product completely dissolves in the combustible, and thus becomes part of it. However, if the gas or diesel tanks have too many impurities, the gas lines and filters may clog. The product takes about 8 hours to act at 100% dissolving skims, incrustation of HC existing in tanks, tubes, pumps and injection systems, cleaning them as time goes by, depending upon the thickness of such incrustations. It does not harm the combustion system in any way according to our ISO 9000 Lab Tests.
Now for the misinformed person who said Bio is moth balls I think that has been effectively shot down, obviously you do not know what you are talking about.

As for the comments about a fool being born everyday? I have tried the product in a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant, a 1997 Geo Metro, a 1987 Dodge Dakota and a 2000 Mustang, I have seen gains of 27%,23%,25% and 17% on those vehicles. ON top of that I was impressed and joined the company, I am enjoying a very nice supplemental income that is growing everyday.

You doubters keep on calling it a scam and we will continue enjoying the benefits of Bioperformance. By the way, in five months BioPerformance has over 25 Million dollars in sales, there sure must be a lot of suckers huh?
For anyone interested in being a part of a growing company with the best pay plan I have ever seen simply go to
It is mothballs, and it does not work. MLM scammers are less than pond scum in my opinion.
You dealers can tell lies and talk trash all you want about this stuff. I think I'll believe the laboratory tests that that were done on this high priced "magic pill". They can be found here:
I'm glad someone finally did a scientific test on this stuff. It's easy to see why the manufacturer didn't. If I had a product that would do what they claim, I'd certainly pay a reputable lab to do a controlled test on the stuff to prove it. Since it was found to do nothing but take suckers money, It's easy to see why they didn't.
I signed up for a distributorship two days ago. I have decided not to use or try to sell the product, napthalene distillates,etc. And I have decided not to try to sell the "product" of BioPerformance, which is really not the magic pills but $500.00 distributorships. If you look at their "numbers" you will see that their good fortune is not from actual "reorders" of the pill. Their numbers are achieved through sellling distributorships at $500/each.

So I guess my $500 (Plus shipping and handling!) is gone. Caveat Emptor!

But there is a much more serious component at work here. They say that they use "naftenatos" to "get the crystal part in the product."

The question about moth balls is not answered in a scientific manner. Where is their credibility? Have you read the disclaimer? They say that they cannot prove that their product works!!!

Now to the dangerous those of you who do not understand chemistry itis important for you to KNOW that Naphtha is a carcinogen to humans. The term Naphtha (BioPerformance spells it "naftenatos") refers to any of several highly volatile, flammable liquid mixtures of hydrocarbons distilled from petroleum, coal tar, and natural gas. Naphtha is used as a solvent in making various chemicals. Without giving a detailed chemistry lesson which would bore anyone to tears I issue this warning. BE CAREFUL!! These people don't care if you get better gas mileage. They just want you to buy a distributorship from them. Yes, they are laughing as they have photo ops while getting into their limosines. I just gave them $500...wish I'd gone to a spa instead.

Naphtha+ = Napalm
Keep this product away from your pets, infants and pregnant or nursing women. It is very toxic. It can permeate the cell membrane of the epidermis.
Nice comments all!
I suggest you spend a short time actually LOOKING at the website and, if you're a skeptic like me, run some simple background checks on those who are "claiming" to be experts. They actually check out. To my eternal chagrin, (my father will never let me live this down) I put the stuff in my motorcycle and got a 20 mpg increase. This is not a moped but a Yamaha Virago 1100cc full size bike. I was stunned, I started using it in my diesel truck 2 weeks ago and the first tank LOST mileage. I'd read the information on the site and put in a new fuel filter and tried another tank, a 2mpg increase, and after the 4th tank I'm 26.8% better. For those who are math challenged, that means every fifth tank of fuel is FREE! It works, and they guarantee if it messes up your engine, they'll fix it on their nickel. Skeptical? OK, but don't knock it until you've tried it. If you want to actually READ about it, you can see it all for yourself at If not, that's cool too. Personally, I thought it was a load of crap to begin with and spent lots of time and money trying to prove to my father that he was getting ripped off. Well, he wasn't and niether am I. It's up to you whether you choose to be a lemming and blindly follow Fritz, anyone who has posted comments (including me) or, will you invest a little time to check it out for yourself?
I have nothing to gain if you look at the site above, look or don't look - it's your choice. All I can tell you is that I personally am saving 25 cents per gallon on my diesel truck and I'm getting and I can drive an extra hundred miles per tank on my motorcycle. I can't wait to put this stuff in my boat!

If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.
Let's make a deal. I'll sell you the starter kits for $250.00. And you don't have to have any legs. You can use/sell/swallow if you like.

Just understand...I promise you NOTHING. But I will sell you the kits for $250.00.

What you do with it is up to you. But I guess you can turn this small investment into millions. If you want to purchase the starter kits from me for only $250.00 vs. $500.00 just post your name on this "Leave your comment" and I will contact you. Think of will be saving 50% right from the start. And you won't have to meet quotas or sign up others. You won't have to chase you neighbor up the street trying to stuff pills in his gas tank. Write to "Super Sam the Gasoline Man" in care of this Comment Line. I'll have your kit in the mail! And you'll be saving money and making money tomorrow!
Hey check out the latest on Bioperformance.
The truth is finally out!!!!
I am a BioPerformance user and don't feel scammed at all---our 1993 Lincoln Towncar went from 20.7 miles per gallon to 26.6 mpg. I am marketing the product and all who have tried it report like results. As for the individual who promised to send anyone a "kit" for $250 in lieu of $500, he obviously knows that the money to be made is "not in signing people up" as previously claimed, but in receiving a 6% commission from the "product being purchased." BioPerformance a scam?" If it works--which it does--: if it saves me money at the gas pump--which it does; if it helps me to generate a much-needed additional income--which it does; and if it helps me to help others do the same thing--which it does, then bring on the critics!!! You can find me at or email me at
So it's okay with you that these guys are liars? They lied about the tests. They're lying about the naphthalene (which is dangerous).They misused the ISO standards to make their tests look legit. These people are scammers and you don't care?
So it's all about the money with you, huh?
If so, then you're just scammer too!
Nothing like sending someone $500.00 and getting nothing in return. Listen up now...get your commission checks soon because Lowell Mims and his gang are being researched by the FTC. His MO is to get out before the FTC comes in. But he's caught now. And he will soon be indicted. Like I said, if you don't get your check, it won't be anyone's fault but your own. He's not planning on paying anybody. Why is it that the same people get the commission checks? They are "made up" names! This guy is a flim-flam man who you will only be able to contact on "Prison Visitors Day". Make sure that you are not left holding the bag with a bunch of product and no commission check. By the time all the people are looking for their checks...these guys will be bankrupt and not able to pay. Can't get money from a turnip. And these guys are turnips. Don't become one yourself. Take the $500.00 and take your Sweetie out for a night on the town. THAT money is well spent. If you need better gasoline mileage go to PEP BOYS Automotive Supply Stores. They know engines...and they'll show you some fuel additives that are not scams. These BioPerformance guys are operating under the radar. Don't get caught with them. Get out now. Put distance between you and BioPerformance RIGHT NOW. Don't ruin your reputation with your family and friends by looking like a sucker.

If your fuel injectors get gummed up don't expect Lowell Mims to pay for the repairs. He's already told you in the disclaimer that he doesn't know if the product works and that he is not responsible for any damages or any failure of the product or any failure of you to collect your commission. And it is for sure that you will not be able to convince him that the damage was done by the sticky lacquer that remains in your fuel tank from Bio Performance Pills or Powder.

And that sticky lacquer that remains works well in manufacturing methamphetamines. Stay away from Lowell Mims and his flim flam ideas. He's just another "Confidence Man". In a few weeks he won't have a "leg" to stand on...but he won't care because he will already have your money stowed away. You'll never see the reward for your hard work.
Flim Flam Man barely escapes the Feds in the Destiny Telecom phone card scam. He's slippery. Read about Destiny Telecom on line. One day, when the employees came to work expecting to get thier pay checks which had earlier bounced, the whole office was E-M-P-T-Y!

Check it out. Don't be a fool for Mims.

You're better off selling encyclopedias, or cook ware, or vacuum cleaners door to door.
Don't use this product. It is not proven to "not harm" your engine in the long run.

Hear me now or hear me later. No good. No way. No how. Bad for your engine.

The answer is to drill in Alaskan Tundra and reopen our refineries. And a mixture of ethanol and gasoline will make your engine purr like a kitten.

Mr. Goodwrench
Bio-Performance now shut down. welcomes any BIO Reps!
That news about the asset freeze in Texas is a woozy. Thank you to all of you who provided additional information about Bioperformance. I'd like to thank you individually, but almost all of you (including Bioperformance boosters who mysteriously fault the sceptics for remaining unnamed) are anonymous. For discussion about the lawsuit, please leave your comments at this post.
Perhaps a little reasoning could distinguish between the truth about BioPerformance and whether it is a scam or not.

Myself, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but remain reasonably skeptical of incredible claims.


(1) THE BIOPERFORMANCE PILLS DO SOMETHING. In some vehicles they appear to provide a small increase in fuel mileage. In others, they don't help at all or even LOWER gas mileage. Napthalene does work in some older vehicles to some extent, and could possibly increase gas mileage by helping to eliminate knocks and pings. However, newer vehicles can be ruined, when the additive interferes with the more sensitive fuel systems.

(2) THE BIOPERFORMANCE PILLS ARE PROBABLY JUST MOTH BALLS IN DISGUISE. The news reports and laboratory tests seem to indicate that they are napthalene. I have no good reason to doubt that this is true.

(3) SPOKESPERSONS FOR THE PRODUCT APPEAR TO BE LYING. The supposed company representative in this blog that indicated that they were other than napthalene also spoke a bunch of nonsense about changing the "frequency" and that napthalene has "much larger crystals". This is FALSE INFORMATION. Chemicals don't have "frequencies", nor would crystal size make any difference, since the finished product dissolves in the fuel.

(4) ANOTHER RED FLAG: IT WORKS IN GASOLINE *AND* DIESEL. No product that simply modifies fuel (if that were possible) can work in both gasoline engines and diesel engines, because they work on completely different principles. Only a lubricant works in both.

(5) BIOPERFORMANCE HAS ALL THE CLASSIC SIGNS OF A MLM SCAM. Which isn't to say it is, but chances are pretty good.

As another person quoted from the Bible, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Whether this MLM was started by a minister or not (I am a minister also, and can say they make mistakes), the Bible indicates that we should not be fools, and should check things out.

There are many suspicious things about this product that should cause you to hold your money back until you have THOROUGHLY studied this issue.
The Texas Attorney General filed a temporary injunction Wednesday essentially shutting down BioPerformance, the maker of the little green pill.
This to the "Process Engineer", Morgan: If you truly do have a degree in process engineering you should have some knowledge of the scientific method and thus would also know that consumer testamonials are not equivalent to tests done in a controlled manner. Simply driving around town introduces a large number of variables that one could not possibly hope to definitively isolate.

Why is it that all controlled testing of this product done by both the University of Central Florida and the University of Texas at Austin have shown there to be no improvement in gas mileage? Why is it that there have been absolutly no controlled testing done which has proven otherwise? Furthermore, why is it that instead of seeking independent testing to put this dispute to bed, BioPerformance instead simply offers a discliamer saying no results are gauranteed? If BioPerformanc truly has a scientific basis for their claims, why won't they actually stand behind their claims with a guarantee?
Think about this: people receive awards for break-through in Science (like the Nobel Peace Prize). Why hasn't the creator of Bio-Performance received one? I mean if you can save 25% on gas mileage, that HAS to be a break-thought in science!

My uncle is a Chemist at UCLA. He has tested the product and states that it has the same chemical make-up as mouth balls.

Now, does the product work? In some cases yes. Why? Cause the army used mouth balls back in World War II, so Bio-Performance's product must work due to the fact that it has the same chemical make-up as mouth balls.

You take a chance with this product and with this company. The more
people you get, the more money. But if the product fails and the company fails, you have a LOT of people that will be contacting you as well as their lawyers. Think about it. It's not to hard.
Hay check this out a real live lab test of bioperformance It destoyed them Lowell Mimms said no moth balls? no toxins? check it out!
The Texas lawsuit says it all. At this moment there is a CBS affiliate investigating BP. It's just the beginning.
It just gets better and better. Lowell Mims and "Jose Cuervo" are no where to be found. YOUR MONEY IS GONE!

But this is THE WORST: Lowell Mims and "Jose Cuervo" have your social security number or tax id number AND THEY HAVE COMPLETE ACCESS TO YOUR BANK ROUTING NUMBER AND YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER!!!!!!!



Oh, by the way, no need to buy expensive pills or powder. You can just crush up plain old moth balls and put them in your fuel tank if that makes you feel better. You'll stink...but your friends and relatives probably think you're a stupid dupe already.

Party on Dudes!
Hey Anonymous your so full of beans it's not even funny. For starters Mimms and Romero are not gone! they will be in court on the 30th to blow the Texas Attorney general and his entire bogus argument out of the water!

Of course these ninny's show the product as Napthalene! in their testing they are heating up the product past the temperature that the natural enzymes are killed, when they are no longer attached then and only then the product becomes Napthalene!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there is a difference in the before and after effects of the heat on the process!

The so called "experts" keep saying the product does not work? then why do our cars continue to get better and better mileage? My wifes car is getting above and beyond what the estimated miles per gallon on her vehicle are supposed to be a long shot, my vehicles have now ALL gone over 25% gain and yet you would like me to believe that Bioperformance is simply mothballs?

I have two friend that are mechanics who have been deliberately overdosing their vehicles (old pickups that they are going to rebuild the motors on)and they said if they had put this amount of mothballs in their vehicles they would have long ago blown them sky high! One of them has since tore the motor down and was astounded at how clean the motor was inside.

The truth will come out on the 30th.
Hey! Any news yet on the great business moguls? I hope "noonespecial" doesn't get his heart broke!

For sure he's not gettin' any commission checks. You can fill out all the "customer service tickets" you want and you'll never see a dime...not a penny. You won't even be able to get another order of mothballs from them until they change their name and start again. Go ahead, be loyal if it makes you feel good. Keep on defendin' those two yo-yo's and Doc Fog (You've gotta be kiddin'!). They're sippin' margaritas and laughin' at yooooooooooooo!
wiki in TN
Not a lot to say except in America we're suppose to be innocent until proven quilty. What's going on here is guilty until proven innocent. What's happened to America anyway. The truth is it does work. 19.2 to 27.4 on Lincoln Town Car Hwy. Hosea 4:6 states, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." So what's the excuse of these few is it a lack of knowledge because if you'd try it - you might actually find it works.
I have used the Bio-Performance pills in my car ('91 Ford Escort)and have increased my gas mileage from 24 MPG to 30.5 MPG. I ahve noticed more pep in the engine and, of course, great mileage. All of these government agencies that are calling this fraud are being paid off by the oil companies!!!
The leaders of this company have lied repeatedly. If the product is so good why did they lie and make stuff up to promote it?
I think making stuff up and lying is a good enough reason to investigate them and that the investigation led to the charges of fraud.
You are naive if you think otherwise ...
"My people perish for lack of knowledge" is the perfect scripture for you Bio folks.
Not one of you has done your homework.
You have been fooled by lies and the promises of riches.
The Bible cautions us about that over and over again does it not?
And to beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.
Wow! With all the Court costs there won't be any money left to pay our commissions or fill our orders or refund our money. FOOLS!
In Court on the 30th guess who didn't even show up at the hearing? that's right the Texas Attorney General! why? the dude knows he has no case!

The assistant AG brought up person after person who were cross examined and ripped to shreds on the stand! do you know how many of these so called experts actually tested the product for its fuel performance or it's claims of emissions reduction or mileage increase? that's right not a single one! the only thing they tested was calforic Power and octane boosters in which the product was heated, in doing so they destroyed the enzymes that make Bioperformance work.

The famous lady from Orlando that was supposed to be the key witness in the prosecutions case that works for WESH TV didn't even testify! she now believes she might have been mistaken and should have done more careful testing! the prosecution refuses to put her on the stand! want to bet that BioPerformance does?

You can start your backpeddling and dodging know Anonymous because it is just a matter of time before Bio is cleared and the Texas AG has to print a retraction, he is currently being made to look like a fool!

This whole thing is nothing but politics.

BTW, BioPerformance was smart enough to have prepaid legal for just this occasion so the court costs aren't a concern. Just keep serving it up and I will keep knocking it out of the park.
Yeah right ... that's not the way I heard it.
This will better inform you of what really went on ... check out the Video: Mims Takes The Stand, at
This is my last comment:

YOU JUST DON'T GET IT! This is not about the pill. This lawsuit is about the pyramid scheme which uses this product as it's vehicle (excuse the pun!) in bogus sales schemes. If you sign up a lot of people and create a "tree" or "leg" you can allegedly earn money from the sales made by those people. They are selling $499.00 Distributorships and reaping big rewards from THOSE sales.

The gas pill probably works like STP. You can buy that at KMART. The BioPerformance pill has no uniform production standards. There is no way to tell if each pill contains the same product.

If their product is so good why aren't they selling it by the case load through Pep Boys, etc. rather than diddling around with onesy-twosys?

I own a company that manufactures several products. My company makes a lot more money by selling very large shipments to many hugh companies that will distribute those products along with their other products.

The pills may work for some people. There are too many variables. Tire inflation, air conditioning, speed, tire size, ambient air temperature. The alleged testing is elementary at best and rather an insult to those of us who believe in "hard, reproducible, factual science."

But from a marketing standpoint it is impossible to build a "legacy" company around a product that deals in very small multi levels. It is counter productive. It is time consuming. And no one gets rich except the guy at the very top. He has taken in $15M. He has transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to his personal use. That is not the way you run a business. That is the way you run a scam. You take other people's money and give them air and promises.

This problem will not be resolved in court at this time. The injunction is definitely NOT going to be lifted. It will remain in place until there is a jury trial. It will take months just to get on the schedule. And after the trial there will be appeals. So don't count on seeing a dime from mybpbiz. But be assured that Lowell Mims and Jose Cuervo "filled their socks" with cash before in anticipation of just this imbroglio. That is money that will never be found...until they want to use it to live comfortably after the trial which will inevitably force them into bankruptcy. They will walk away from all who "invested" with money in their pockets. They will leave only a portion of the money for the bankruptcy court.

Caveat Emptor! If something sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Best Wishes to All
To no one special:

Mims and Cuervo knew that that Texas AG would eventually shut them down. They filled their pockets while they could. They transferred money from BioPerformance bank accounts into their personal accounts, as salaries. From their personal accounts they withdrew cash and put it under the mattress. (Figure of speech for hiding the funds!)

After the trial they will be forced into bankruptcy. Texas bankruptcy laws allow you to keep your home. So they will be able to keep their expensive homes. They may have to give up the homes and cars if the Court finds that they used contraband (illegal funds) to purchase those assets. They put a pittance 2 million dollar$ into "tru$t fund$". Of course those will be seized as part of the damages. But when you have 13M hidden in your drawers what is a mere 2M to them? It is a token. They won't be able to remember where the rest of the money went!

No great drama here. Just a couple of grifters hitting up a bunch of nice, trusting and unsophisticated people who were naive enough to believe their jive talk about doing God's work and saving fuel. HOG WASH! They only wanted you to sign up distributors. If you sell some pills along the way...well that's nice of you to do that. But they hit their motherlode when they could get people to wire money into their bank account and then send them nothing in return.

And they knew that the AG would get to them eventually so they were prepared. They left some funds in the bank. But they took the rest and stuffed in their shoes. It's hard to find cash. And they will give you a sob story about how they have lost EVERYTHING trying to defend the product against Big Oil.

Big Oil has nothing to do with this lawsuit. Mims and Cuervo worked a grift, confidence game. If their product worked effectively the oil companies would be buying it up so that they could add the formula to their fuel. Years ago many of the refineries were forced to close. What this Country needs to do now is open the refineries and DRILL.

Don't be fooled by the grifters. Take a lesson from these two hoodlums.
And, here is the San Antonio Express News (6/1/06) story:
Owner of gas pill company fighting to unfreeze assets

Web Posted: 06/01/2006 12:48 AM CDT
Barry Davis
KENS 5 Eyewitness News

The Texas Attorney General's Office says Lowell Mims, president of Bio Performance, got tens of thousands of Americans — including about 9,000 Texans — to sign up for his multi-level gas pill company.

Mims took the stand Wednesday at a hearing in San Antonio to try and convince a judge to unfreeze his assets.

"The premise for starting the company was to see a lot of people achieve the American dream," Mims said on the stand.

Mims, who the state says ran a pyramid company, admits to selling more than $25 million worth of what his Web site claimed were pep pills for a car's gas tank — and he sold them in less than five months.

"What the state's uncovered so far totals between $9 (million) and $10 million that you and Mr. (Gus) Romero have put into your pockets, and that's just what we know about," said John Owens, with the attorney general's office.

Tests done by the University of Texas, and by an independent researcher working for KENS 5, showed the pills are a majority of naphthalene, the same ingredient in mothballs.

"We do not guarantee that the product works, and we do not guarantee that you will make any income with the company, so we don't make any claims," Mims said.

Attorney General Greg Abbott filed suit against Mims and his partner Gus Romero on May 17, and asked for a temporary restraining order to keep Bio Performance from selling any more products or accessing its bank accounts.

Mims said with his bank account frozen, he can't even afford to feed his family.

The attorney general's office says if that's the case, Mims should sell his $90,000 Hummer, or $60,000 matching his-and-hers Rolexes.
I hate to break the news to the non BP folks, but from a witness in the court room, the AG dropped the "illegal pyramid" part of the suit against BP. Apparently they checked it out and found out they were wrong! Sound plan, so be careful from here on calling BP a pyramid scheme, it is not.
You've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Can you say F-R-A-U-D?

Symantics only...pyramid scheme, bi-level scheme, trees, Rt. leg, LT. leg, tickets, answered tickets, unanswered tickets, back office(HA! HA! THERE ISN'T ONE! Funny how quickly they can vacate an office when the AG comes around!)

You have got to be the most ignorant and naive baby in the woods. Get a grip on yourself and realize that these guys USED YOU AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE by "selling" distributorships for $499.00. You have NOTHING of value to show for your money. And I hope you're not expecting to purchase a McMansion with your new found wealth. In fact...since you believe in the COMPANY so deeply...why don't you share with us: 1) How much product you've sold. 2) How much commission (hee-hee!) have you earned?

We promise not to tell the IRS. You can trust us. Besides...I'm sure you'll be getting an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year from BioPerformance.

Question: If Lowell Mims is such a man of God...let us find out how much money he has given to God's Work. Oh...that's right...he just asks other people to give their money for God's Work.

WHAT A GUY! And his pal Jose Cuervo...admitted to using funds because they didn't HAVE ANY FOOD! Puleeze! Maybe their memory will get better when they are in the slammer.

I leave you awaiting HOT FUN in the SUMMERTIME!

I might show up for the trial...just to show these grifters what a real AUTHENTIC business owner looks like.
I was there at the hearing on Tuesday (can't disclose my role, but let's just say, see you on Sept. 18). The defense did not lay a glove on the testimony by the independent lab. The stuff is indeed mothballs, and the chemist said there is no similarity to naphthenate and that his test (GC/MS) detects everything, since any products of thermal decomposition are still analyzed. No enzymes were found, nor were there any traces that any existed in the first place. He had evidence that the test measures down to picogram sensitivity. The defense did not challenge the chemist at all. The next big expert up there was the Prof from UT who said that testimonial's fuel economy testing is not scientific as it is not done like the EPA does to calculate what they put on stickers on new cars. Temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and how someone drives and even where they drive affects fuel economy. Now it seems BP may end up trying to settle out of court. We'll see.
The Judge in the hearing extended the TRO. He unfroze enough funds for BioP to defend themselves at trial September 18 and to conduct any testing they might need. They are still unable to operate as a company until at least after the trial.
Watch the movie, THE GRIFTERS.

Read on www about Charles Ponzi.

I wish people would mind their own damn business! I tried the pill in my 2001 F-150 which has over 400,000 miles on it; and before the 1st bottle was gone I increased my mileage by 3 MPG!(14mpg to 17mpg) Since then I have purchased eleven more bottles. I have one left! When thats gone I guess it's back too 14 mpg again; just what the oil companies want. Like I said; mind your own damn business! If I want to spend my money on a gas pill; it's my right. I don't see anyone shutting down Billy and his Oxy Clean!!'ve got a brain problem. How much did you pay for the bottle of pills? So if you used the whole bottle of pills on one tank have you saved ANY MONEY?

Billy from Oxyclean has a product that doesn't work either. But Billy sells it on the shelf in a store. You don't have to buy a $499.00 Distributorship to have the privilege of purchasing or selling Oxyclean. AND...he's not promising to make any one a millionaire just by selling Oxyclean.

When enough people realize that Oxyclean is mostly water they will stop buying it and Oxyclean will go the way of the Pet Rock.

I'll bet you have one of those too, don't you!

Oh, I love your allegiance to a foul product! It's so entertaining!


BioPerformance has your name, social security number, bank routing number and checking account number. Keep careful watch of your accounts.

That information is much sought after on the black market. Be Watchful of your accounts!
Yeah, no doubt!
These guys, even if they don't sell your info. off at some point, probably have all of your data entered onto a laptop somewhere ...
For all those people out there who are still wanting to save money on gas/diesel, check out PowerPlusmpg at

I'll even send you a sample. We're out of Louisiana, and the product does work. It will be released into a liquid in July, so we're really excited about that as well.

You can also email me at
I tried Bioperformance in my '05 Camry. On my first application, I was halfway out to the office (about 40 mi out from home) when the Check Engine light came on.

The pistons and injectors were hosed, full of varnish (They showed me one.) My dealer says they're not gonna honor the warranty as I used a non-approved additive. And, as I expected, BP did NOT reply when contacted.

Losing my car was bad enough, but losing my information to these vultures must be much, much worse.
Now think about your claim here! you supposedly added 1 teaspoon of BioPerformance per 16 gallons of fuel! after running this on your FIRST application you believe that this additive fouled your injectors and hosed your pistons up? are you joking? Like the product or not there is no way on Gods green earth that it can do that.

On top of that this product has been successfully used for years! do you think that for one minute it could be coincidence? or the fact that your car was already full of crap and this product loosened it up?

If BioPerformance could in one tank for some reason not disolve, make it through your fuel filter and to your injectors there is still no way it could do what you are claiming it could.
I agree, it's unlikely that this product, with the first application, caused those problems. But I just as much disagree with you the last poster and your claims that this same product has been used successfully for years.
Both of you are full of crap!
BioPerformance Fuel is an additive designed to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions.

Recently completed testing of BioPerformance Fuel by an independent laboratory using the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) and Highway Fuel Economy Test (HFET) protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a group of vehicles established a reasonable degree of confidence that the product gives a real improvement in fuel economy and reduction in harmful emissions. (The laboratory report is attached). News reports show that the EPA has previously tested more than 100 other fuel additives under its FTP and HFET protocols, with no demonstrable positive results. The company believes that BioPerformance Fuel is the first fuel additive proven effective by an independent laboratory under the EPA’s strict protocols.

You can read the test results on my web site.
IMHO, I believe that bioperformance will come back stronger than ever. They have tested the product and it passed. They have moved out of Texas, to an MLM friendly State (Utah), and they have a great leadership team. If you want more information, please visit my website:

Check it out for yourself. BioPerformance' mothball powder is NOT EPA registered
Wow, Lisa, fritz, etal. The illusion that ypu are getting better milage amazes me to no end,I do know what i am talking about. I sold this crap for almost a year before the A.G of texas shut it down, which was good, because ALL the people I sold it to either had car trouble (clogged injectors) or wanted their money back because it made the MPG worse. I can assure you that their is no scientific controlled experiment that shows and improvement in that product. I threw a case of that suff out (stinking up the garage), cause I could not GIVE it away. Anybody that says I dont know what I talking about is making money selling the MLM "vaporware" marketing side and for all practical purposes could be selling wishes. Good luck folkes.....suckers!!!!!!!!
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