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Thursday, January 12, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Icicles writes that chicks on bikes is worth a few hits from search engines, so I thought I'd write about chicks on bikes.

I've never heard of putting newborn chickens on a bike, however, so I did an Internet search for "chicks on bikes."

Oh my. Almost every "chicks on bikes" website that came up is definitely not worksafe. I did find something interesting, however: Christina Schuck is a motorcycle riding photographer. She has a small photo gallery exploring women in relation to motorcyles as as something other than sex objects and props for motorcycles. She writes, "I want to take back that image and show a women's world of motorcycles. In persuing this series, I discovered an eclectic group of women who were strong, confident, defiant, inviting, reserved, tough, and feminine."

Admit it. You really thought I was going to write something different about chicks on bikes, didn't you?

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I wrongfully posted links to many of those not for work chicks and bikes pages

it is very weird
but still weird

that alaska bike stuff is hardcore
jill does need a pugsley
Chicks on Bikes book is on the shelves. Check on this photographic book of real women bikers. Fascinating photos and a good read.

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