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Friday, January 06, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

It happened this morning. I was stopped at a red light at a very busy intersection. Because of the gorgeous weather (sunny with a high in the 60s F/ high teens C), I was fully decked out in the OCP kit. I was riding for the first time on my shiny brand new wheels, cogs and chain. I twisted my right foot out and -- whaa? Why is the foot still attached to the clipless pedal?

Next thing I know I'm on the ground. How embarrassing. I finally yank my foot off, brush the dirt off as I stand and smile and wave to my appreciative audience. Then I sit there for two minutes waiting for the light to turn green, listening to the snickers of the motorists around me. Ha ha ha.

It turns out I lost one of the retaining bolts for the right cleat. It's time to get some Loctite. This never happened when I used Look cleats and clipless pedals. It was my firt fall in about four years.

Like I said, the weather is gorgeous. I'm riding in about 15 minutes -- come join us if you want.

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Scene: Me, with first pair of brand-new Look pedals and cleats. Non-adjustable relase tension and these f*ckers were tight. Roll up to a light in a not-so-nice neighborhood where two, um, gentlemen are having an aperitif served in a brown paper bag. Fail to clip out, fall over. Two guys pee themselves laughing.
At least it wasn't in front of a bus full of school girls....oh the shame I felt. And I did my groin something terrible in the process trying to prevent the humiliation.
I just went down last week when my cleat froze into the pedal, due to the cold temps here in Iowa. Fell over at a snowy corner, but no one was around. Phew! Still, it's embarassing after having ridden clipless for so long!
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