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Sunday, January 22, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Bisbee writes about coffee and cycling always going together and mentioning the Krankies recumbent powered coffee shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Bisbee then warns us about overdoing coffee if you have heart problems or otherwise need to maximize your hearts performance. "Two cups of java reduced the body's ability to increase blood flow to the heart during exercise." The research he cites is worth reading if you're concerned about maximizing your performance.

Like cycling, there are at least as many types of coffee as there are types of cycling. If you're looking for a Valentine's gift for your coffee-drinking cycling sweetie, look for ideas at Bicycle Coffee Systems.

Just for Ron G.: Steelers 27, Broncos 10, nine minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Denver in possession, 1st and goal.

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Howdy, Fritz--

I am truly sorry for your loss. I would've picked the Broncos just to show support for my favorite blog; if I singled them out for abuse in my last post, it was only because those stickers are so ubiquitous for us, being so close to Denver (physically and socially--Moab really should secede to Colorado).

However, my virture remains intact; the pride I take in ball sports ignorance hasn't been deflated. You see, I thought your Broncos-by-whatever prediction meant the Superbowl was already here. On NPR this morning I learned it was just the playoffs.

Really, it's probably for the best. After all, the Colorado Highway Patrol says they can't handle big, recreational crowds, and a Superbowl win would surely have led to a parade.
Happy Trails,
Ron Georg
Ron wrote: "the Colorado Highway Patrol says they can't handle big, recreational crowds, and a Superbowl win would surely have led to a parade."

Touché! Great point!
Mmmm, just got up here in Georgia and I could use some coffee. Hey, Fritz, you asked about this three hundred years ago and I never responded: here are the folks who make the bike sweaters. Just in case you need one.
Hope you are well! vj
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