The Revenge of Gaia

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

If you want to be thoroughly depressed, read this. James Lovelock writes about the revenge of gaia. We're all going to die and in a very bad way. Life for my children will short, nasty and brutal. I weep for them.

I had pretty much come to the same conclusion that things will get very very bad after taking a serious look at what we're doing to our planet and that this change is inevitable and unstoppable, but it's disheartening to see somebody much smarter than I reinforcing that view. sigh.

Independent review of James Lovelock's book Revenge of Gaia.
Revenge of Gaia is published by Penguin UK.
The book The Revenge of Gaia is available from Amazon UK.

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Love the tags Fritz.....Goodbye...hilarious.

So the question we just give up? He's always been an eccdentric doomsayer.

Still, his work is based on fact and we need the more extreme thinkers and intellectuals to broaden the discourse.

I for one will continue to do my best to reduce my footprint on the planet in my own small way.
Spread the word. I'm not giving up.
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