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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

My Wednesday evening routine includes stopping into a Philips 66 gas station and buying a package of Hostess Snowballs and some chocolate milk. I think I calculated that I get about 36 miles for each two-pack of pink coconut chocolate marshmallow goodness. At two dollars for a package of two, that's twice the distance of what I can get on $2 worth of gasoline.

Bike Refugee got clever. He calculated energy use of common activities in terms of liters of apple juice and created nifty graphics. One liter will get him to work by bicycle while driving a car to work takes 62 liters of apple juice. A hot shower takes 2.2 liters of apple juice. Leaving his lights on all days consumes seven liters of apple juice.

I call that Cyclelicious goodness. Via Biking Toronto. Tags: energy, apple+juice, calories. Graphic used with permission. Yes, I realize I've mixed SI units with Imperial measures.

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Awesome. Thanks for the reference. I think my favourite part of Darren's post was his cool little drawings of stuff... I wanted to post all of them, but decided to keep it simple and just go with an apple juice can. :)
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