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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

I visited frame builder Mark Nobilette's shop today. I'll write more about Nobilette in a day or two, but first I have a contest.

Nobilette has stacks of True Temper bicycle tubing all over the place, but that's not the interesting part of this photo. Up toward the upper right of this photo you'll see what appears to be a large chainring. Click on the photo to see it better. That is, in fact, an 80 tooth chainring.

The first person leaving a comment correctly describing the use for this 80 tooth ring wins a prize: a $10 gift certificate from

Here's a hint: It's not for a recumbent bike or trike. Mark and John are both disqualified from this contest. You must leave good contact info to claim your prize.

Photo info: True Temper tubes by richardmasoner.

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It's late so I'll throw out a guess on a whim. Would it be for a unicycle?
Part of basketball player Yao Ming's custom built bike

I remember reading about his bike in a magazine.
I'm thinking it would be off of a bike used for a LSR attempt.
I'm guessing it's for Stayer Derny racing. A stayer derny bike
It's for a motor paced track bike - you know, they ride behind a motorcycle.
I bet it's used on something with really tiny wheels that needs to go fast. Like, say, the little tiny bikes that clowns ride in the circus.
It's gotta be for a land-speed record attempt, or one of those crazy downhill winter descents I've heard of over in the Alps.
That one is for my track bike. I am going to pair it with a 28 tooth rear cog to give me roughly the same gear I have now. It won't make me faster, but it sure will make me look strong.
Pedal boat.
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