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Friday, February 10, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

I've cast the net over the side and seining for good stuff. Below is a sampler of what I've caught. Gents, don't forget -- next Tuesday is Valentines' Day!

Go Clipless has had a number of good posts this last week. Among the ones of special note:Oil Free and Happy is a Fort Collins business of Alternative Transportation items. The site owner, Jim, bike commutes 16 miles round-trip every day in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Small-wheeled bikes by Japanese bike builder Hirose. Via.

Ultra Marathon Cycling Association.

Chicago Cycling Club.

Princeton Cycling.

Ontario Cycling Assocation.

Bicycling magazine on winter bike care.

Kool Aid: Bike Mag gets a facelift.

Details on TdF 2007 London start.

Creating Passionate Users: "Real Motivation Posters." I had a co-worker once who hung up more realistic mockups of the popular motivation posters. His had drawings of a fat, grumpy boss in a suit and smoking a cigar with sayings like "WORK OR BE FIRED!" I used to work for Scott McNealy and I recently interviewed at a company funded by Larry Ellison. I'll go work for McNealy in a heartbeat. The Ellison-owned company was a programmers sweatshop and managerial nightmare.

New West: Singing the Warm Winter Blues.

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