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Thursday, February 09, 2006
By TitantiuMerlin

My first Ride of the year occured yesterday - a temporary cure for my Itch mentioned in a previous post. Normally, I would have been playing Racquetball with my room mate down at the Gym, but he couldnt make it yesterday. So, sucking it up, I decided to go on a ride. It also gave me my first oppurtunity to wear my Christmas gifts and test out the new cogs on my bike. Because it's 34 Degrees Farenheit out, I decided to layer up. First went on the Bib... not as much padding as I would have liked (and now my butt hurts)... followed by a long-sleeved underarmor Cold Weather Gear shirt. Ontop of that went my sleek looking long sleeved jersey and a windbreaker, along with tights that covered my legs. If only I had booties. I put long fingered gloves on, and a Cannondale beanie. I was set.

As soon as i got outside, i realised how cold it was. Even with all my layering i had begun to feel cold, and i hadnt even gotten onto my bike. Needless to say, i decided to take the short 5 mile ride down to the Isle of Que and back again. I failed to realise the need for a neck-gator, or some similiar item to protect my throat and face, and it wasnt long before the cold, chill air started wrecking havoc on my lungs, making it painful to breath and causing me to have to spit every few seconds.

But i perservered, i stuck it out. I was still riding long after my feet had frozen solid (if only i had booties!), my fingers a close second, and my arms and thighs close behind. I was glad that i had remembered my windbreaker, as it definately took off the bite of the wind. I also managed to hit the one traffic light i had to pass through when it was green, both ways, and didnt have to stop once.

Despite the downsides, and feeling a little sore today, i am glad i went riding in the 34 degree weather. In fact, i believe it was closer to 30 Degrees as every pool of water i saw was frozen over. Perhaps this is why the few walkers i passed by gave me some interesting looks. Suprisngly, ever driver i saw was very....kind towards me, waving me on around them if they were reversing into a driveway and had their nose in the road, or allowing me to go through the light first. There was a moment when i became slightly scared, having not come to a full stop at a Stop Sign. I slowed down enough to look every direction, almost coming to a standstill, and realising no cars were there but one behind me, and went. This was in the last 80 yards of my ride. However, the car behind me followed and as it went to pass me, i turn my head. A Cop! Perhaps the 5th one i've seen in my 3 years of going to school out here. He slowed down and eyed me up, before taking off. For a moment there i thought he was going to wave me over to the side of the road.

Regardless, it was an exhilarting ride, but one i wont do again if it is just as cold.

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