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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
By Michael

Stage 3 is 17 mile individual time trial through San Jose. Guess thewinning time -- closest to the winning time wins (Price is Right rules-- closest without going over). If more than one person guesses the correct time, the person who guessed first wins the prize. Prize is $10 gift certificate. Same rules as Stage 2 contest.

Good luck!

In case you forgot those rules...

Small print: The correct time will be that indicated on the Amgen Tour of California website when I select the winner tonight after Stage 3's conclusion. Once the contest winner has been selected and announced by me on the Cyclelicious website, the contest is final and there is absolutely no recourse for anyone else to win a prize. If a scoring error on the part of Tour officials is determined after I've selected this contest winner, or something else occurs resulting in the winning time going to a different person after I've selected this contest winner, too bad so sad. No purchase required to win. Entry is by leaving a comment on this website related to this article. Technical issues preventing you from leaving a comment are not my problem. Life isn't fair. "First" will be determined by the time I receive your comment. Attempts to game this system by manipulating clocks and the like may result in disqaulification.ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON!

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My guess is a winning time of 32.52
Let's see... 17mi = 27.4km. I'll go with 32:21
i'll go with 33:30
I'm gonna say 33'45" (Zabriskie)
The winning guess will be 33.12
The stage is now over, no more entries will be considered.

Expect official word of the winner in the coming hours.

Thanks for entering!
do I get anything for being a day late with my Floyd Landis yellow jersey call yesterday???
so, do I win?
hold on ....

where did I just comment?
maybe a year old post
not sure

check out BIKEMAGIC

they have this Bike Photo thing that is pretty cool!
I don't see why you wouldn't, but it was Fritz's contest idea, so he will ultimately let you know you won (which I believe you did).

Sorry for the delay, he is on a business trip right now and I am unsure of when he will be returning from it.
cool, I was just checking in
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