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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Update: If nobody posts the correct answer by the time today's stage winner crosses the finish line, the contest is over without a contest winner.

Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California will begin in a few minutes. The bicycle racers will ride along winding valley and mountain roads east of the Bay from Martinez south to San Jose. This stage will favor climbers. The first person leaving a comment here correctly predicting the race leader after today's stage wins a $10 Amazon gift certificate. This is not the stage winner, but the person who will wear the overall race leader's Gold Jersey on stage 3. If you've already won a prize from Cyclelicious you are not eligible to win, though feel free to leave your predictions if you want. Gift certificate delivery is by email so I'll need your email address if you want the prize.

I won't have a contest for every stage but I'll try to have contests for several of the stages like this.

Small print: The correct name will be that indicated on the Amgen Tour of California website when I select the winner tonight after Stage 2's conclusion. Once the contest winner has been selected and announced by me on the Cyclelicious website, the contest is final and there is absolutely no recourse for anyone else to win a prize. If a scoring error on the part of Tour officials is determined after I've selected this contest winner, or something else occurs resulting in the Gold Jersey going to a different person after I've selected this contest winner, too bad so sad. No purchase required to win. Entry is by leaving a comment on this website related to this article. Technical issues preventing you from leaving a comment are not my problem. Life isn't fair. "First" will be determined by the time I receive your comment. Attempts to game this system by manipulating clocks and the like may result in disqaulification.ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON!

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Floyd Landis... and that is my final answer :)
Levi Leipheimer (going for the obvious, and hopefully right answer)
And if I happen to win (since I am a Cyclelicio.Us blog poster), I will donate the $10 card to the "Fast Freddie Foundation". Be sure to keep an eye out for my next post regarding the various foundations cyclists have created.
Last comment, I promise. If Levi happens to be in first still after this stage, then I will add another $15 to the gift certificate.
Ben Jacques-Maynes (hey, I'll take the low road).
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