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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

I'm very busy today so I'll just post a quick personal note. First, several people have written to me personally and in the comments over the past day or two. I try to respond quickly but I've fallen behind. I'll try to get to you when I can. Please accept my apologies for the delay.

Secondly, I've applied for an engineering position at Google. I had my first telephone interview today. The screening questions were complete softballs: "Explain the difference between shift and rotate operations. Where are deadlocks useful? What are the x86 op code, mnemonic and operands for the set-and-test-bit instruction? Quickly! Recite Pi to 9 decimal places." I told the interviewer that her questions were much easier than I expected. She gave an evil chuckle and responded, 'Oh, they'll get harder as you move along.'

I passed the initial test and I have a second phone interview scheduled with the hiring manager. It turns out, incidentally, that I used to work with this manager at a previous company.

Will Fritz move to the Googleplex? Stay tuned to Cyclelicious for details.

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Good luck buddy! That is truly awesomenews.
Nice! I'm rooting for you...just don't forget your friends in the blogosphere when you're hired as we could all use a little extra google!
Good job. Now don't forget the little people out here in the high country.
Easy questions huh? I am no computer expert, but I can only answer two of them. I know Pi to 9 decimal places and, needless to say, I know where dreadlocks are useful. Oh wait, that says deadlocks; I guess I can only answer one.

Seriously though, sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck going forward.
Ok so I am a computer expert and I couldnt answer any of those. Good luck!
Exciting stuff! Good luck!
Good luck champ!

I've visited my roommate at work and it truly is awesome.
Nice! I gotta know though, when are deadlocks useful?
When are deadlocks useful? The answer is "never."
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