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Monday, February 06, 2006
By TitantiuMerlin

Ever get that Itch? That feeling where you are so wired but no matter what you do, you cant get rid of that Itch? Any Cyclist will know what i'm talking about. It first comes about 2 months into the winter, two months of not being able to ride your bike. It only gets worse the longer you wait. It intensifies as Winter turns into Spring, the snow melts, the sun feels warm upon your face, and your bike starts talking to you in your sleep.

I'm suffering from that Itch right now. Its gotten ba enough that i'll ride outside today, even if it is only 32 Degrees out. Cold enough to turn my water bottles into Ice. But i dont care - i've got an Itch and it needs to be scratched - even if its only a 10 mile ride. The first of my season. If i dont, i'm gonna go crazy. Racquetball no longer satifies the Itch, hammering a ball as hard as you can only does so much. I need to feel the strain on my legs, that handlebars underneat my hands, the sway of the bike from side to side as i climb up Sassafrass Hill. I'll probably end up on the Isle of Que - the Island i could not remember in my last post.

With the winter being this mild, Febuary 6, 2006 will be my first ride of the new year. If all goes well. Its just a matter of surving the Itch for the next 3 hours - enough time to get me through my one Class and then Lunch, and prep time for my Bike. It'll be the worst when i'm prepping the bike, knowing that the ride is only minutes away, but they'll be the longest minutes of this year. But 4 hours from now, the Itch will be gone. And that is all i hope to accomplish this day.

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