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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

The Million Dollar Board has a a blog. The owner of Million Dollar Board commented about my post the other day about pixel sites in which I mention Million Dollar Board in particular. Million Dollar Board's owner promises big things to come in the future of pixel site promotion. I shouldn't knock them -- Million Dollar Board, for example, looks like it's sold about $1400 in pixel space so far. It's hardly a fortune but it's definitely more than what I've made on Cyclelicious since I started this in August.

I did find a truly innovative pixel site: Smash My Viper. You pay money for an ad and they'll video tape themselves damaging their Dodge Viper. Pay an extra $100 and they'll video tape the SmashMyViper girl doing the damage. Bicycling car haters might find some amusement in this site. Found via Apogee.

Ranking and Million Dollar Board

Richard @ Apogee, incidentally, is a Search Engine Marketing specialist. When G00gle indexes this new post tomorrow we'll see how highly it ranks for the search term "MILLION DOLLAR BOARD." I'm a total amateur at SEO, but my guess is I'll rank either number one or two by this weekend. Million Dollar Board is a pretty useless keyphrase to target for with only an estimated 154 searches per month, but what the hey.

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The guy with the million dollar board ain't gonna get interviewed on CNN and he ain't gonna make a million dollars or pounds or whatever. First, because it's been done and second because he's not a college student with a clever idea. He's just a search engine pimp.
Excellent point.
As the owner of the Million Dollar Board I am going to prove everyone wrong.

I am a Marketing student at university and my idea will change be all over the papers. Firstly I aint no "search engine pimp" , its quite funny the way you refer to me like that.

All I can say is keep your eyes peeled and we will see what "this search engine pimp" can do.

Oh and your picture looks ridiculous my girl friend said you look like those cartoon characters from those disney movies...!
Hey Fritz. It's been awhile. Haven't blogged about pixel advertising in ages. Thought you might find it interesting that I've finally declared pixel ads dead. Do you concur?
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