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More Tour of California video coverage - Cyclelicious

More Tour of California video coverage

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Update: 2007 Amgen Tour of California video coverage details here.

Update: Fixed URL for thesteeps.NET. Thank you to mallfellow for seeing that mistake!

Billy C at The Steeps Blog tells me they will provide video coverage of the last two stages of the Tour of California. They'll definitely provide short video recaps. He and his team are also working on the logistics for up-to-the-minute coverage of the last two stages, with posts as things happen in the Tour of California.

If you haven't visited The Steeps in a while you should check them out. They have a sharp looking design layout and worthwhile articles on the site. The owners of The Steeps do graphic design and animation for the NFL Network and have several years of experience doing design and animation for television and movies. I'm looking forward to some good video from them.

Don't forget about the ToC Grassy Knoll Project at Steephill.tv. Steve @ Steephill tells me the project is coming along nicely. Word is getting around and he expects plenty of good video and photo uploads.

Who needs ESPN when you have the Blogosphere and enthusiastic talent?

Visit Cyclelicious for continued updates.

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Looks like you've got the url for The Steeps wrong; should be http://www.thesteeps.net (you've got .com).
Thanks for the link!
Well, things change.... It turned out that the spectator attendance at the race was so high yesterday that it would have been physically impossible for me to get any good video, especially as a lone cameraman. No one else from The Steeps was there; it was just me, and it was about 6-8 people deep down at the finish line, and the course was packed the whole way around.

Also, so many other sites (including the official site) have been doing such an excellent job of covering it, we just didn't think that it was going to really be all that important that we kill ourselves trying to get video of the race. I had a hard enough time getting any good photos!

Anyway, I apologize for our lack of video coverage, but unforseen circumstances kind of dictated what happened.
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