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Monday, February 06, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

First, watch the Hummer H3 Superbowl Ad here or here. If you don't have broadband, here's the synopsis: Gojira-style monster (named Jennifer the Monster) is running rampant through Tokyo causing mayhem and destruction. Jennifer meets Robie, a giant city-destroying robot. Jennifer and Robie fall in love. Jennifer and Robie make love. In the midst of a destroyed city, Jennifer has a baby -- a brand new Hummer H3. How precious.

Am I the only one who saw the weird irony in this ad? Okay, the part about the association of harmful, destructive forces with the creation of the Hummer is pretty obvious, to me anyway. The irony is that the advertising agency and Hummer execs who approved the ad seem to be completely unaware of the association between their product and the damage that they cause.

My favorite ad, incidentally, is this FedEx ad.

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I didn't see the irony until you pointed it out... nice.

However, I wonder... if these SUV's ran on nothing but air, and produced no emissions or waste, would people still hate them? Is that the only reason people hate them?
Good point bc. I agree about the destruction and the hummer. How silly to make an ad like that.

I really enjoyed the FedEx ad. HA!
I am with you. This really was an example of truth in advertising, even it was unintentional.

When they set down the baby Hummer, I said to my wife, "great, now there is a new little monster to finish wrecking the city". Right after that, I couldn't believe that they actually referred to it as a little monster. The sad thing is that the destructiveness probably appeals to some of their target customers.
Here's an interesting experiment on brain activity of individuals watching Superbowl ads:
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