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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

I reported yesterday that Orbea will introduce the world's first 29 inch carbon fiber mountain bike this year. I've since heard from a couple of sources that Trimble has built some prototype 29er carbon fiber mountain bikes. Does anyone know more about this bike?

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Is it just me or is that one butt-ugly mountain bike?
I was surprised to hear recently that Trimble is back in business. I remember those cross-shaped frames being pretty popular around 1990. It looks like the new frames have slimmed down considerably compared to their predecessors.
Yes.... The original carbon builder is back making frames again. The 29r above was hatched last fall. I think its a work of art you can ride. No other frame rides quite like a Trimble. It was true in the 90's and is still true today. There is a revised 26r as well.
this builder's efforts are in question given the rumours he was funded by partners and appears to have run off with their investment capital illegally.
george - it is just you.
I have one of the original Trimble carbon frames that I turned into a SS. Everything on it is modern except for the Shimano U-brakes. Bought it about 1989 from Point Reyes Station Bike Shop in California.

It is a sweet ride and people ask me all the time “What kind of bike it is?”
i used to have the 1989 was built like a rock... thought i would be light, it wasnt, thought it would be nimble, it was like riding a lead bike! i fell for the design, stupid mistake, i notice the designer only has one idea, coz it looks almost identical now as it did then... times have moved on and so has technology, the bike was a dog then and it wouldnt have gotten better with a 20 year old design.
best kept in museums i reckon! butt ugly nowadays especially compared to all the european brands like BMC etc.

Trimbles are the only thing uglier than a Slingshot.

It's a bad design that should remain shelved.
i've got an old '89 trimble, wonderful ride - beautiful bike, all that see it want one. I'm happy to find it back!
I've owned a Trimble since 1993 and love it. I've won races on it, including an ice race on a frozen lake. Great climbing bike.
Brent Trimble Made some slingshots too. You may have seen the trumark bat? It has a little flashlight on it. Brent also made some bikes for the U S A olympic cycling team. The design is recognizable Trimble.
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