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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

This is too cool. Police in Victoria, BC arrested a bicycle thief 48 hours after they announced their bait bike program. They locked a bicycle up in a public area and monitored it until it was stolen. According to Victoria police, about 720 bicyles are stolen in the Victoria area each year. Only about 15% of those bikes are recovered and returned to their owners. They hope the bike bait program will increase awareness of theft among bike owners and reduce the number of thefts.

Story about Sacramento's bait bike program. See related: crime, theft, bicycle, victoria, British+columbia, police

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This is great! Thanks for the post. We like to see that, because of this program, people are buying locks. No matter what the brand, it is a sure bet that your bike is safer with a lock than without one! Educating cyclists about the issue of theft and proper lock-up is essential. Good to see these police departments taking bike theft seriously. Bravo to them!
48 hours???
In London a similar bait project saw three bikes stolen in an hour.
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