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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Actually, I was in Bellevue for a day, but Seattle is nearby. I walked all around what seemed to be the downtown area, watched several city buses and tons of cars everywhere. After about three hours outside in pleasant, partly cloudy and maybe 30 minutes of very light rain, I saw exactly one bicycle. The bicycle was sitting parked in a parking garage. In spite of very mild temperatures in the low 50s, this bicycle has pogies mounted on the handlebars. Who needs pogies in Puget Sound? It's not like it ever gets cold there.

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Whoa, Fritz. First you come to my 'hood without telling me you're here, then you can't find any bicycles where you walked, except for one, then you dis the owner who obviously knows how to be prepared for frequent changes in the local weather.
Seriously, drop me an email next time you're out this way and I'll fix you up with a bike and show you where the cyclists are. Actually, I'm sure there are plenty of places here where cyclists don't ride. There are several good north-south and east-west corridors, but a lot of other areas are avoided because they're not bicycle friendly.
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