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Monday, March 13, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

This is the IQ test given to NFL football players. I got 14 out of 15 correct; I missed the one about profit sharing due to an arithmetic error. Maybe Bode Miller is right and I need drugs to oxygenate my brain.

Open Discussion: American cyclist Floyd Landis is looking good in the early season and Phonak is doing well in the teamwork department. Phonak was Tyler Hamilton's cycling team. Two other Phonak riders tested positive for doping in 2004. When you hear or read "Phonak Cycling Team," do you still associate the name of the team with doping? Is Phonak getting their money's worth in sponsoring this team?

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I answered 14 correctly as well. I missed one of the questions entirely.

As for Phonak? I don't have any lasting impressions of the team / brand as one that is actively involved with doping. I can definitely see how it could leave that impression though...
I wouldn't single out Phonak, really, but rather that Professional Cycling as a whole has a tendancy to make me think about doping.

When watching the sport by myself, I don't generally think of this except when I wonder what Tyler is doing right now. When I watch or talk about professional cycling with friends, however, doping ALWAYS comes up. They're not cycling fans, but they know enough to know it's not a clean sport.
No. I don't think 'doping' when I hear about the Phonak team. I give Phonak a lot of credit for not pulling their sponsorship of this team. The good will and good exposure they get has to far out weigh the negative.
Derek - Tyler is training. I believe he is getting ready for racing this fall.
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