Bike chasing coyote shot dead by police

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

That's the headline in the Calgary Sun.

Other bike blog news

IMBA is seeking board nominations. Don't nominate Fritz -- I know next to nothing about mountain biking. Then again, maybe the IMBA will give me free trips to Boulder for board meetings. Did you know that EVERY TIME I go skiing at Eldora (ski area near Boulder), I see an IMBA car in the Eldora parking lot? If I'm selected as a board member, I would see to it that the IMBA continues this excellent policy of allowing staff use of the company car to go skiing every day of the ski season. Since somebody just asked: International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Rogue Mechanic does some math: The entire sporting goods industry uses about same carbon fiber as that used to build three Airbus A380 jumbo airliners. And Airbus has about 150 of the planes on order.

Sea Otter Classic Video is at the Grassy Knoll Project. Watch the fun in Monterey.

SRAM made the leap but everybody forgot to notice. So much for anticipation and making us wait.

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Ya might have put in the hyphen and spared readers some nervousness!

bike, chasing coyote, shot dead by police

Eats, shoots and leaves!
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