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Sunday, April 02, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

My last day in Colorado was yesterday (Saturday, April 1). I'm typing this from San Jose, CA, where I'm starting new work and looking for a home for my family.

Before I flew out last night I got in one last ride into the Rockies, riding my bike up to Pinewood Springs (about halfway to Estes Park), where I had to turn around because I still had to fix some things at the house AND pack for my trip. It was a good day of riding and I saw probably hundreds of road cyclists out by Lyons, Colorado.

I only saw a handful of cyclists on US36 going to Estes Park. Road conditions and the shoulders are mostly clear to Pinewood Springs, though there are some spots where there's still sand on the shoulders.

I brought my bike to California, though today I've done about 200 miles of driving looking for a place to live. I saw several cyclists out here in California; instead of pelotons 50 strong in matching team kit I tended to see small groups of three or four riders all wearing bright yellow rain jackets.

I'm looking forward to getting some good riding in the Bay Area and meeting a whole new pile of friends. I was planning to ride this afternoon but I'm exhausted after my late travel and a full day of house hunting. I turn the rental car in Tuesday evening so I definitely won't have an excuse not to ride after that!

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the reason you didnt see the peloton riders is you didnt know where to look.

look up alto velo and then on the left hand side will tell you most of the major rides.

hope to see you out there
congrats and good luck
take your time
try not to get stressed

location and a house you can live in

we got lucky
we tried and lost in the competitive market
we tried out of desparation
the house we wanted landed in our laps
not quite that fairy tale of a story
the actual ending involved allowing us to go out of the price range we had previously settled upon

Colorado for California
sounds like a fair trade
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