Law-breaking cyclists should be ticketed

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Friday, April 28, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Or that's what I hear. But then I see this story, in which a "crash kills driver, engulfs Castro block in fire;at least 8 vehicles burned." A Buick heading south on Castro Street in San Francisco ran a red light at Market Street, swerved into the northbound lane and slammed into a BMW that was turning right to go into a parking lot for the Castro Theater at 6:38 p.m.

Both cars burst into flames and the BMW was knocked into a parked car while the Buick careened into at least three more cars. The fire spread quickly down the line of unoccupied vehicles and several motorcycles. The BMW driver died at the scene. The Buick driver is in the hospital. Read more here.

I'll be bold enough to write that the damage from this one Buick driver was more than the cumalative damage caused by every U.S. cyclist in a year. What do you think?

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Because one crime is much more dangerous than another doesn't mean the lesser crime should go unpunished.

If that fallacy were legitimate then you could justify a lot of other minor crimes: a mugger is not going to be able to steal as much as a bank robbery, a bike theft does not cost as much as grand theft auto, etc...

I'm a cyclist and can't stand being around people who ride illegally. cyclists are not allowed to run lights, ride contra flow or most annoying of all ride on the sidewalk. It might not cause this level of damage but it definitely effects the quality of life.
I think the Buick driver needs to spend some time in prison.

If it turns out the Buick driver was on a cell.......screw prison, just execute him.
If we want to be given the same respect as cars, we need to follow the same laws. And that means we get the same consequences if we break the law.

No speeding, no running lights or stop signs, pass only on the left, lights in front and back at night.
The Buick driver apparently suffered from a seizure. I have no idea if that was the cause of him running the red light or not. I live right up the street from here and it was a bizarre sight to see when I was walking home it. It looked apocalyptic and was eerie just being there.
Are pedestrians and cyclists really expected to sit at a red light at what could be described as off-peak times until a motorist arrives at said light to make the light turn green? Ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is the assertion that obeying all traffic laws will earn the respect of motorists. In my experience, no motorist respects anything/anyone in "their way" no matter if they are obeying the law or breaking it.
In the U.S. anyway, running a red light that won't change is legal because the red light is considered defective.

But yeah.
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