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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

"Bike sales would skyrocket," writes SF Gate columnist Mark Morford writes about $10 gas. But that ain't all.

Meanwhile in the South Bay, the San Jose Mercury News tries to invent some controversy. A few times a year, somebody tries to beat the train across the tracks or deliberately steps in front of a train. So naturally, it's somehow the fault of Caltrain. Says the mother of a car passenger, the driver of whom drove around the gates and killed the passenger: "I would like for Caltrain to take some accountability, for not only my daughter but the others as well." She also wants the trains -- which can legally cruise at up to 79 mph -- to travel more slowly inside cities, closer to the limits put on cars.

More people die in Bay Area traffic accidents every week than are killed by Caltrain in an entire year, but we don't hear proposals for motorists "to take some accountability," or to travel more slowly inside cities. The Mercury News is well known in its opposition to public transit of any kind and they just have an axe to grind in their yellow journalism.

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