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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
By Michael

So Google has this new program called "Google Trends". It's pretty neat. Just enter a search term and you can see what areas have been searching for that term the most. You can also see a graph of how often it was searched for, and news articles during some of the peak times (such as a big event that created more interest). Enter two search terms, seperated by a comma, and you see how they compare. Here are a few I consider to be pretty obvious...
Here are a few of my favorite comparisons:

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I read somewhere that the one big problem with Google Trends is the fact that they don't monitor blogs to collect the data. If true, it seems they are missing a major trend setting genre.
No surprise on the Philadelphia vs. Greenville comparison. Philly has a metro area population that is almost 20 times that of all of Greenville county. If you adjust per capita, Greenville probably has a very high search rate for cycling topics. In fact, I think I am skewing the average all by myself.
Very, very true James. Plus, Philly has pro sports teams, and all that...

If anyone reading this has other good comparisions, please post them here! I want to see some more good ones!
You can also compare multiple search queries like this to see a comparison.

Other queries:

bike to work day

A comparison of a few bike-related brands. Madison comes out on top for "trek bicycle".

bike blog.

comparing different types of cycling activities.
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