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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Some of you might remember my post on the BioPerformance gas pill in January. Follow the comments that follow that post if you have a half hour to kill.

The state of Texas obtained a restraining order and asset freeze today to shut BioPerformance down. According the Attorney General Greg Abbott, the claims that the BioPerformance gas pill can increase gas mileage and save money "are bogus; the pill does absolutely nothing to improve gas mileage. The company is merely a smokescreen to trigger the recruitment of more and more paying members into what appears to be an illegal pyramid scheme.” Scientists who tested the product at the University of Texas at Austin and at a Florida university concluded that the pills are mainly naphthalene, the chemical found in mothballs. The Attorney General’s laboratory expert actually concluded BioPerformance’s product could decrease engine performance.

The owner of BioPerformance is Lowell Mims. Mims was involved in the criminally disasterous Destiny Telecom Get-Poor-Quick scheme.

Several media journalism outlets have done stories on BioPerformance. The best one I've seen is from WESH I-Team.

This is the Better Business file on BioPerformance.

I fully expect the True Believers to stand on their testimonials and whine about conspiracy and persecution. I've already seen postings inviting Bio Performance sellers to sign on to other gas pill MLM networks.

Thank you to all of the Anonymous commentors who have provided additional information about BioPerformance. Tags: bioperformance, scam, fraud, mlm, criminal, texas

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All I can tell you is I really don't care what the state of Texas wants to claim I have seen the results myself! I know BioPerformance works! I have gotten results in every single one of my five vehicles!

I have tracked every tank of fuel I have ever put in any one of those vehicles! I keep very meticulous records so how does the Attorney general of Texas explain my receiving over 20% increase (combination of all five) in fuel economy since starting on the product?

On my Mustang I had an injector that was not functioning correctly, I had run Seafoam, Lucas, STP and a couple of other Injector cleaners through my car and none of them helped yet after running BioPerformance through four tanks it is running as smooth as the day it was new! how does the attorney general explain that?

Do you think it's possible that they could be wrong? it is my understanding that as soon as BioPerformance can prove that their product is NOT Napthalene the Temporary restraining order will be lifted, I don't know that for fact but that is what I have been told.

As for the allegation that this is an illegal pyramid scheme? how can they say that when all commisions are paid on product sold! The Attorney General is going to have a hard time proving this is a pyramid scheme when every dollar of commision paid has been on the sale of product only! When a Representative is signed up in BioPerformance they buy either 4 bottles or 13 bottles of product at the retail price! after their initial purchase they have the right to buy the product at wholesale, the commissions earned are the difference between the retail and the wholesale price.

This company also has a plan where a person can get in for absoulutely nothing, however they must then sell enough product to get to the first level! that is because the sale of product is the only way commissions can be paid.

I'm realitively sure that Walmart functions under the exact same set of criteria.

This will be resolved in a short period of time.
that is all very interesting

I have a few rules...
I will never watch the movie titanic
I will never go to the state of texas

hold on.....
have I already broken that rule with a cross country lay over?
hey... it is not like I am a monk

but I will try to stick to my rules

there needs to be improved city planning
slow traffic
make drive free options
make cycling an option

I do a lot of riding in situations where I would not my wife or my children riding
people can be so uncivilized

I will follow this issue more closely because of the mini forum I just chanced upon
I am stunned at the spin going on. I personally have 5 vehicles using BioPerformance.

My worst record is a 1990 econoline van (F150). It has increased 14.4%

My best has been my 2002 Honda Shadow American Classic. On my 7th, 8th and 9th treated tanks it was an increase of 44%.

I am using in in the following with success:

1990 F-150 econoline
1990 F-250 extended cab
1990 F-250 regular cab
2004 Toyota Camry
2002 Honda 750
1995 F-250 power stroke
2003 Bob Cat skidster
and my children's cars and pickups.

We have had no negative experiences.

This makes it very hard to believe any negative comments I read.

The fact that the (left wing) media and powerful oil companies and states are fighting it, adds a testimony to me of it's legitimacy.

To me, the proof in in my billfold personally!!!!!

(Bold enough to identify myself - NOT hiding behind the title "anonymous". Which should speak for it's self.)
Hi Ben, My name is Terry from Central Nebraska, well between the two of us that is 10 out of 10 vehicles with positive results! amazing for a product that the state of Texas attorney General says absolutely does not work huh?

I also find it very encouraging to see that his office is being bombarded with email, phone calls and letters from thousands of people all with the same thing to say, the product does work and it works as good or better than Bioperformance claims it does!

I also find it interesting that when you take a look at where the State Attorney General of Texas fueled his election Campaign from!


This man is garnering a ration of heat from the general public that he never dreamed of! I found out today that as soon as the judge has conformation that this product is non toxic and does not harm internal combustion engines that this case will be dropped.

On top of that it will make BioPerformance a far more formidable company after this ordeal, they will have a far greater legitamacy after they have been exhonerated.
We got FANTASTIC results using BioPerformance. I know that TX Atty General made up his own stories about our company.

I personally know dozens of people who got good results. My friends and I didn't commit fraud and lie about our results.

Here is my personal Testimony. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Abbott.

We have tested the BioPerformance product on 2 different vehicles and use it regularly:

2001 Nissan truck (v-6 engine), we drive around town & to work. This truck INCREASED MILEAGE FROM 15 to 18.5 mpg. Our latest MPG averages 18.5 to 19.

1988 FordF350, 1 TON Flatbed work truck. Gross vehicle weight = 12,000 pounds. The truck INCREASED MILEAGE FROM 4.5 to 8 mpg and got a 78% INCREASE.

WE DID A 2nd TEST - increased to 9 MPG. That's a 100% increase in our mileage!
WE Did A 3rd TEST - increased another HALF GALLON to 9.5 miles per gallon.

We're now at 9.5 mpg on this older truck, OVER 100% increase!

My husband is a recycler and uses the Ford to haul pallets and scrap metal. Those were HEAVY loads! Also uses this product in the generator!!

We DID NOT do anything except put in the pills/powder. No more air in the tires....no fancy tune-ups. We just used the pills.

I AM IN FAVOR OF USING LESS GAS AND HELPING PEOPLE SAVE MONEY ON GAS. And for that.....Abbott says me and all our thousands of members/customers lied, are nother but scammers. He is full of it! people.

There is a special place in the place he's gonna end up in the hereafter -- it's for all bad people!!!
Hey folks,
I too have gotten results using the little green pill, a 27% increase (my 1st tank gave me a 20% increase).

For those who aren't with the company, you REALLY have NO idea what you are talking about. The product does NOT contain naphthalene, but something very close. The product cannot be reversed engineered which would make it VERY difficult to any lab or scientist to be able to determine what is in the gills. The company is currently having more tests done to satisfy the Texas AG.

As for an illegal pyramid scheme, if Bio Performance IS an illegal pyramid scheme, then the 1,000's of other MLM's out there are as well! I don't think so.

Let's hold off any further negative comments and posting until we have ALL the true facts and not some bogus facts stated by people who really don't have the proper credentials or have used proper testing to find out what is actually in this product.

The company will prevail and this will also help the other gas additive companies. Bio performance was the FASTEST growing gas additive company so it shouldn't be a surprise someone got a hair up their butt to try and shut us down!

In court today (6/1/06) the TRO remains and a new court date has been set, to give the company time to properly document the ingredients in the pills.

My advice, there are plenty of other negative things you can post about, let's let this rest until we have ALL the facts!

Cathy in San Diego
Cathy in San Diego, what turnip truck did you fall from?

The AG is giving "Frick 'n Frack" time to "disgorge" their assets. If they don't cooperate they can be held in contempt.

There is no money in the magic pill. It's just your imagination. You've been sniffing moth balls again, haven't you!

As I have written before...until I am about to turn blue in the face...this is a royal grift that was planned and worked!

If you don't "get it", watch the movie, THE GRIFTERS. It is a little tutorial on how confidence men (and women) prey upon the naive and trustful folks. It's a cryin' shame.

You keep building BioPerformance up as if you are filling your pockets on this trash. So, Baby, put your money where your mouth is...tell us: 1) How much product have you sold? 2) How many distributors have you signed up on your TREE (!)? 3) How much have you earned in commissions? 4) How much have you been PAID?

Tell us so that we can get excited too.
Cathy...we're waiting!
Here's a good movie to reference, "THE GRIFTERS". And you can read on the www about Charles Ponzi.
In defense of Cathy - to Mr. "Anonymous". From the position of outside observation, I find your comments very interesting. Cathy's statements at least had some merit because of personal experience with the product in question. Your comments have little to no merit since you have no personal experience with said product. You would try to lead some to believe you have superior knowledge of the subject at hand by using sarcastic remarks like "what turnip truck did you fall off of?" There is a personality trait referred to as "debunkers syndrome". This is a psychological disorder which can result from low self esteem. You transude traits of this syndrome. By using sarcasm, self elevation is thought to be achieved by the weaker debater. Some become quite masterful at this form of deception however, I suggest that your weakness is still very transparent. I also suggest that you study your subject matter a little more so that you can express yourself from a more knowledgable point of view. You have revealed no substance thus far. I must add that I have never used the product in question nor do I defend the product.
Dear Martian, (Oops, I mean Martin)

You're right. I should never end a sentence with a preposition.

Now let's talk Bio(non)performance.

I have had personal experience with them. First I gave them my Social Security Number, my Bank Routing Number and my Checking Account number. Then I wired $499.00 to their bank account. Then I never heard from them.

Now all of their telephone numbers are not in service.

You Idiot. This is NOT about whether moth balls burn hot. Junior chemistry sets agree that Napalm (Google it if you don't know what it is.)extends and intensifies the burn of any fuel. Taa Daa!

This IS about claims by Lowell and Jose that they could make 1000 millionaires. I can afford to lose the money...so I don't care about that. What I care about is the innocent, naive people who honestly believed that they would be able to have a business of their own, or a business at home and earn serious money.

I would like to KNOW if anybody actually received commission checks (and the dollar amounts) for selling pills or for signing up distributors, making right legs, left legs, trees, tickets, open tickets, closed tickets, etc.

Your attack of my personality makes me giggle. You're full of psycho-babble hog wash. (Oh...you're not supposed to sniff the moth balls!)

I don't transude...you STINK.

Now crawl back under your case of mothballs.

Love and kisses,

Hot Fun in the Summertime

PS I'm NOT a Mister!

BioPerformance has your social security number, your bank routing number and your checking account number. PLEASE MONITOR ALL ACTIVITY ON ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS AND YOUR CREDIT BUREAU.
I went ahead and gave Bioperformance a shot on my Sunfire and after 4 tanks, I was losing mileage. After hearing about how great it cleans out your tank, I came to worry about fuel injector replacements due to the breaking up of all the garbage in my tank by this product. And wondering how many fuel injectors I would have to go through to get my tank clean and to see any results. I think people need to be looking at the down side of this product because no product is perfect. I cannot sell anything that did not work for me.
um for one thing why does everyone say the pills are green. the ones i have always gotten are orange/rust color?
These slime bags have the nerve to send out a "Happy Thanksgiving" greeting to all of us who signed on to their scam. I hope the AG fines them and puts them ALL AWAY.

Telling people they will become a millionaire and then taking money from that person is FRAUD.

It makes me ill to think of all the people who are going "without" because they purchased mothballs and the "right" to sell mothballs from these crooks. STOP THE SHAKEDOWN.
Anyone profitting at any time by using or selling BioPerformance Pills...please share this information with us. With the exception of Mims and Jose Cuervo, of course.

Oh...that's right...there aren't any of you!
To all of the skeptics out there, we took a bunch of crap fom tons of people about this BP product not working, and a scam.
We been usingit since the start in a 1991 Toyota that went from 28 to 42 MPG.
Now the State of Texas admits that it works and the product was tested at an EPA lab and BP has been found vindicated. Now, what about all of those "I'm sorry, I was wrong" statements?
We knew it worked, whether we sold it or just used it, theplain truth is now in the open. The TX AG was dead wrong.
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