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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Citizen Rider noted the silliness of this poster. What happens when this commuter runs into the parking lot gate?

Citizen uses the poster as a launching point to discuss some shortcomings of the League of American Bicyclists. I've experienced the same unresponsiveness that he blogged about. Even when I receive a plea for volunteers and a contact email, I've heard absolutely nothing in response to my offers to help. It's like they don't need me unless I'm sending them money.

I've met Andy Clarke and he's a nice enough guy, but he's only one person. Volunteer development at the LAB needs some help. I imagine that's why the Thunderhead Alliance was formed.


The Giro d'Italia is in full swing. It's an exciting race, but of course here in America we can't watch it. You can watch it streamed over the Internet thorugh OLNTV and Cycling.tv for $20 -- click here for info.

Kristin Armstrong gives marriage advice

In Glamour magazine Sex and Love column. Frank apparently reads Glamour magazine.

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I've been watching the Giro everyday live, albeit with Italian commentation. I have picked up a bit of Italian along the way though. It's been free at Rai.it Just open the site in the morning when the stage starts and there you go.


Well apparently they're onto me, because I haven't been able to get a signal from them all morning. Oh well, it was nice for a few stages.


Hey! What's wrong with reading Glamour? Yesterday after work I was going through the mail stack at home and pulled out a few publications to look through. Included were the new issue of Outside, a Colorado Cyclist catalog, and my wife's issue of Glamour with Halle Berry on the cover. Guess which one I opened first.
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