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Monday, June 19, 2006
By Yokota Fritz

Sun SmartCar
No bikes in this post.
My employer is offering a server computer -- for free -- if you will blog about the machine. You don't even have to run Solaris on the machine.

On his blog Jonathan mentions Ubuntu, power use, Niagara, and Galaxy. Ubuntu is the fastest growing Linux distro, and it runs on Sun UltraSparc. Power use is a big thing to Jonathan and anybody doing anything with data centers knows power and cooling are huge issues. Internally, we have the Sun Environmental Office (SEO) which is chartered to champion Sun's philosophy of Sustainable Computing, Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility across Sun's business units and functions. Niagra is Sun's new multi-core multithreaded low-power high-throughput processor.

And Galaxy is what I work with: 64-bit AMD machines that run Linux, Windows, and VMware as well as Solaris. And I'll tell you that demand for VMware ESX is incredible. In this two minute video, I install Windows 2003 on a Virtual Machine configured on an 8 processor Galaxy server. The actual physical machine is in a lab on another floor from where I sit while I do the install.

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How are those Sun jerseys coming?? :)
You are speeking Greek, but I would like a new computer...

Very cool! (Does it come with the car?)
I am not tech savvy enough to blog about computers, but if I start a blog about the rubber ducky and the green stuffed frog can I have those. You could throw in the Smart car too if you want.
Awesome video of the Galaxy 4600 loading ESX 3. I have a question though. I thought that ESX 3 won't boot properly on the 4600 until ESX 3.0.1 due to bad support of the nvidia chipsets? I guess this isn't the case then?

Also, are the two PCI probe errors at the end of the load significant? Thanks for the info!
The nVidia chip has several functions, including a Gig Ethernet MAC. ESX currently doesn't support the Ethernet functionality, but none of the currently released Galaxy products use that nVidia function anyway so it's moot.

PCI probe errors are for devices not supported by ESX. I haven't looked at it in detail yet but I'm fairly certain it's benign.
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