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Sunday, July 23, 2006
By Michael

With Floyd Landis winning the Tour de France today, it seems like Americans are revolutionizing the sport. After the first win for Greg Lemond in the 1986, it seems like it is impossible for an American to win the Tour de France in peak condition. Greg Lemond for example was shot by his brother-in-law and almost died. He came back to win the Tour de France two more times, with shotgun pellets still in his body. Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer, beat the cancer, and won the Tour de France a record seven times. And now Floyd Landis has won the Tour de France as he suffers from "aseptic bone necrosis", a degenerative condition that will require replacement surgery.

What will the next American winner fight through? Only time will tell, but for right now, you could easily say that American cyclists are the toughest in the sport.

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Saul Raisin looks to be the next Tour winner since he is fighting back from a coma suffered at the Circuite de la Sarthe early this year. He is a super skinny climber
and looks like he is making very good progress in his rehab.

There was a segment on Saul on OLN, and Bob Roll added the "Raisin Hell" green and white band to his wrist along with the two yellow bands. American cyclist are tough SOBs.
Marcello - I noticed Bobke with the Saul band, too. Nice touch by Bob.

I'm not sure Saul will be the next Tour winner since Mr. Landis may very well have a say in the '07 Tour. Until he says he's not competing in it, I think we all have to give him the benefit of the doubt after this year! Allez Floyd!
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